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Patient Environment Action Team

A team which undertakes peer reviews of NHS trusts’ compliance with UK Department of Health standards across a range of parameters, including food, cleanliness, infection control and patient environment (bathrooms, décor, lighting, patient areas). PEATs include people from outside the trust (e.g., from infection control), personnel and patient representatives, and provide a local “snapshot” of the hospital environment on the day of the visit. A PEAT report is produced after each site visit, and may include an action plan if the required standards are not being met.


an accumulation of dead plant material formed in wet conditions in bogs or fens in the absence of oxygen so that decomposition is incomplete. It is usually acidic.


n in balneotherapy, a mossy plant substance used in baths and peloids. An antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antineoplastic, antiviral substance, the effects of which include immunological stimulation, increased metabolism, and vessel dilation. See also balneotherapy and peloid.

peat, peat moss

used as bedding for housed cattle and horses and is very absorbent of water.

peat scours
chronic diarrhea in ruminants grazing pasture on peat-derived soils low in copper and/or high in molybdenum. See also copper nutritional deficiency, molybdenum.
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COMPASS Box WHISICY -- Founded in 2000, Compass Box produces a full range of blended Scotches from richest grains to the peatiest of malts.
The Beastie, as it's called, being six years older than the standard Ardbeg 10, is a round, softer version of the peatiest and smokiest Scotch whisky made.
Bruichladdich distillery has researched archived recipe books to bring out one of the peatiest whiskies from the Isle of Islay.