peak magnitude

peak mag·ni·tude

the greatest amplitude.
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The first peak magnitude of acceleration PSD, at a relatively high level, occurs in 6 Hz which can be momentous from the biodynamic point of view that is very close to the human body resonance frequency for most of male subjects, and this attenuation of such a resonance is critically important that the proposed controller in this study is successful to diminish the resonance in the frequency range close to the passenger resonance frequency.
V: Peak magnitude. * Will only possibly reach binocular visibility if the comet undergoes an outburst as in 2014.
Mars starts August still burning at its peak magnitude of -2.8 and by the final days of the month glows at -2.2, still brighter than Jupiter.
It is clearly understood that the peak magnitude of Reynolds shear stress of the bare cylinder is about 0.048 and both large-scale clusters caused by the unsteady vortex shedding and small-scale clusters due to the small-magnitudes of the oscillations in the near wake of the cylinder are seen downstream of the bare cylinder.
The peak magnitude of a driving pulse with a width of 4.5 ns was fixed to 3.5 V.
In general, they found that the 3a[omega] array was either excessively noisy or excessively reduced in peak magnitude [24].
So it's best to try to avoid it for the best view of the be viewed with the naked eye, is quite well-placed this month for those of you with telescopes, as it reaches peak magnitude in the constellation of Pisces around Tuesday.
Nick's video, running at 25 frames per second, enabled determination of the fireball's precise time of appearance, its peak magnitude at--11.3, its angular velocity and the initial train decay rate.
According to SLOOH, SN 2013df reached a peak magnitude of 15 and may be classified as a Type IIb supernova.
Both SNe were of type Ia and SN 2006dd reached a peak magnitude of 12.1.