peak magnitude

peak mag·ni·tude

the greatest amplitude.
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So it's best to try to avoid it for the best view of the be viewed with the naked eye, is quite well-placed this month for those of you with telescopes, as it reaches peak magnitude in the constellation of Pisces around Tuesday.
Nick's video, running at 25 frames per second, enabled determination of the fireball's precise time of appearance, its peak magnitude at--11.
According to SLOOH, SN 2013df reached a peak magnitude of 15 and may be classified as a Type IIb supernova.
Both SNe were of type Ia and SN 2006dd reached a peak magnitude of 12.
Each device provides load current slew rate control and peak magnitude limiting.
When there was more interfacial reaction, inversion of phase continuity was delayed and the torque peak magnitude was greater.
Prior to the explosion, the location of the event in the spiral galaxy had a magnitude of the order of >16 and brightened quickly over the course of 16 days to an estimated peak magnitude of 9.
Results from the battery-powered saw showed that accelerations during normal cutting and kickbacks had peak magnitudes of from ~2 to ~6 g and from ~6 to ~8 g, respectively, and that rotational velocities typically reached over 6007s during a kickback.
tended to reach extreme positive values together and extreme negative values together) and to reach peak magnitudes of between ~2 and ~6 g.
In addition, the peak magnitudes of the knee and hip NJMs were significantly less during the postimpact phase as compared with those of the impact phase.