peak area

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peak area,

n a representation of separate substances within a mixture on a printed chart, called a chromatogram that is produced by chromatography. The size of the peak area is nearly equal to the quantity of the substance present in the mixture.
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Third, the relative peak area will be standardized again based on the highest peak of all suitable peaks.
22] peak area ratio compared with IT method, and this result reflects the increasing of the WBC and total moisture content of pork chops as noted earlier.
The Company is planning on conducting preliminary evaluations of the Troitsa Peak area during 2015.
The content of Sal B, Sal A, and danshensu, one of the effective constituents in RSM for cardiovascular disease treatment, were described using their peak areas measured by HPLC, since their areas in the HPLC chromatogram were directly proportional to their actual content in the same extraction (Jiang et al.
Metabolite peak areas were natural log transformed for ICC calculations to improve the normality of peak area distributions.
It was observed that the peak area of the poisonous substance in the oil was more than five times in comparison to the commercial preparation used as a control.
2155): [female] (1) printed with handwriting on white paper: "SOUTH AFRICA: Natal [KwaZulu-Natal] | Cathedral Peak area [28[degrees]57'S 29[degrees]12'E, uncertainty 2.
The embattled former hairdresser was yesterday ordered to leave his sprawling property on Barker Road, in the posh Peak area, within 56 days after a bank won a civil case against him.