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Prevention of Events with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibition. A trial that assessed the effect of ACE inhibitors on fatal and nonfatal coronary artery disease events in patients with coronary artery disease and preserved left ventricular ejection fraction
Conclusion The tested ACE inhibitor—trandolapril—had no effect on endpoints

(2) Peace

Drug slang A regional term for LSD or PCP
Global village Freedom from or cessation of conflict, violence or civil disturbance


Cardiology A clinical trial–Prevention of Events with Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Therapy

Patient discussion about Peace

Q. is there a natural medicine i can provide my son in order to help him be more calm and peaceful and not so hyperactive and frantic ?

A. Nerve cell membranes are composed of phospholipids containing large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). Studies have been conducted to examine the impact of omega-3 and omega-6 deficiency and the possible impact of fatty acid supplementation. more is needed but there's a calming effect on people. give him Omega-3 capsules and there should be a change after about 2 months.

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So saying, he turned and led the way toward the hut, in the shadow of which the unconscious Tarzan slept peacefully.
An antelope rested peacefully in a bed of daisies where, perhaps, two hundred years ago a big gun belched its terror-laden messages of death, of hate, of destruction against the works of man and God alike.
After the June baby and I had been welcomed back by the other two with as many hugs as though we had been restored to them from great perils, and while we were peacefully drinking tea under a beech tree, I happened to look up into its mazy green, and there, on a branch quite close to my head, sat a little baby owl.
One can only be silent and sit peacefully when one hath arrow and bow; otherwise one prateth and quarrelleth.
To which Joe returned no answer, but with a very ominous shake of the head, resumed his old position, which he would have peacefully preserved until the house shut up at night, but that Mr Cobb, stimulated by the wonder of the company at the young man's presumption, retorted with sundry taunts, which proved too much for flesh and blood to bear.
COOK Charles Passed away peacefully on 17th November 2015, aged 95 years.
Flora (nee James), passed away peacefully on November 2nd, aged 88 years, beloved wife to the late George, loving sister to Betty, sister-in-law to Arthur, caring aunty to Fred, Susan and David.
NORTON Vera May Passed away peacefully on 22nd October 2015 aged 78.
BROWN BRIAN (Morpeth) Suddenly but peacefully on Tuesday 8th September, aged 57 years, Brian (Buck), much loved dad of Francesca and Stuart, step-dad of Annouska and Daniel and granddad of Finn.
ALLAN IAN On July 31st, 2015 Peacefully at Kirkwood Hospice after an illness bravely borne, Ian aged 50 years of Golcar and formerly of Newsome.
ALLAN WALTER On April 22 peacefully in hospital, aged 87 years.
coop/funeralcare 49:07 McPIKE Beryl Passed away peacefully in hospital on 9th January 2015.