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Prevention of Events with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibition. A trial that assessed the effect of ACE inhibitors on fatal and nonfatal coronary artery disease events in patients with coronary artery disease and preserved left ventricular ejection fraction
Conclusion The tested ACE inhibitor—trandolapril—had no effect on endpoints

(2) Peace

Drug slang A regional term for LSD or PCP
Global village Freedom from or cessation of conflict, violence or civil disturbance


Cardiology A clinical trial–Prevention of Events with Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor Therapy

Patient discussion about Peace

Q. is there a natural medicine i can provide my son in order to help him be more calm and peaceful and not so hyperactive and frantic ?

A. Nerve cell membranes are composed of phospholipids containing large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6). Studies have been conducted to examine the impact of omega-3 and omega-6 deficiency and the possible impact of fatty acid supplementation. more is needed but there's a calming effect on people. give him Omega-3 capsules and there should be a change after about 2 months.

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On Friday, Bahrain's al-Khalifa regime forces fired internationally prohibited bird shots to disperse peaceful protests in several areas across the Persian Gulf kingdom, injuring dozens of the protesters.
"According to the Article 12 of the Law on Peaceful Assemblies, peaceful assemblies may be conducted across Kyrgyzstan, except for the following sites: less than 100 meters from dangerous and hazardous production sites, electric stations, railway, oil pipeline, high-voltage overhead transmission lines, penitentiary facilities, public and municipal medical facilities, preschool education institutions, schools," lawyers say.
French President Francois Hollande called on Ukraine, on 23 January, to stop all forms of violence against "peaceful demonstrations that take place in Kyiv.
The Brotherhood's statement also denounced the assassination attempt against Maj Gen Ahmed Wasfi in the Sinai town of Rafah, near the border with Gaza, saying the group adheres to peaceful measures in line with what it says are the teachings of Islam.
"We have to work to find peaceful solutions that can bring things back to a peaceful path and return Syria to its normal position in the Arab world," said Othman Jarandi, Tunisia's minister of foreign affairs.
The United States is the 100th most peaceful country in the world, from a list of 162 entrants.
While Nechirvan Barzani expressed satisfaction for the steps taken by the two sides toward adopting peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey, renewing Kurdistan Region's stand in supporting the peaceful solution.
This came during a press conference with al-Maliki's Egyptian counterpart Hisham Qandil on Monday, during which the Iraqi Prime Minister stressed the need for cooperation to prevent foreign interference and finding peaceful solutions, adding that vandalism and the use of arms will lead nowhere; rather they will only sow grudges and allow foreign interference.
He confirmed the need for Iraqi assistance to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation, hoping that the coming year will witness a peaceful solution to Iranian nuclear dossier.
The truth is that NPT was crated with the preliminary capacity as a centre to help countries who are planning to use peaceful nuclear energy.
All lawsuits were related to a series of bans issued by the authorities on peaceful gatherings of the units in the period 2004-2009, as well as the refusal to register OMO Ilinden as a civic organization and OMO Ilinden Pirin as a political party.
"I think we have practically entered a new stage: from the peaceful Syrian uprising to the armed revolution.