payroll record

payroll record,

n a printed form on which detailed records are kept of the amounts of money paid to auxiliaries. The record has columns for all the necessary tax deductions so that a detailed record is available for tax reporting and cost accounting.
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The analysis of payroll record retention is an excellent reference for any employer looking to reduce the risk of personal liability related to missed payroll responsibilities.
The payroll record serves as an information source for all other employee documents, such as the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.
In the payroll survey, however, they are counted as many times as they appear on a payroll record.
Ascertain, in the absence of any payroll records, the names and identities of employees and the full and true amount due to HMRC in relation to PAYE/NIIC including the accuracy of P35s submitted.
However, the subsequent revelation that state organisations did not have computerised payroll records prior to 1991 raised a barrier that was overcome with the proposal to use 1991 as the start date.
According to the press release, "A comparison of Harris' payroll records for the Alameda County projects revealed employee wage theft violations of $359,347.
The protection of sensitive data such as payroll records, tax information, client and employee data and other proprietary information is essential to a company's success and with the new backup and restore function, a customers data is always safe.
Rawlston currently works as a prison guard for the state Department of Correction, according to state payroll records.
Businesses operating manual payroll records will no longer be able to do so.
The audit should at a minimum assess pre-existing 1-9 compliance procedures, the history of immigration violations and audits, and a review of 1-9 forms and payroll records.
The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to retain payroll records for at least three years and the Immigration Reform and Control Act requires employers to verify the employment eligibility of new hires by completing Form I-9.
A restoration contractor has admitted falsifying payroll records to underpay workers.