payroll record

payroll record,

n a printed form on which detailed records are kept of the amounts of money paid to auxiliaries. The record has columns for all the necessary tax deductions so that a detailed record is available for tax reporting and cost accounting.
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The payroll record serves as an information source for all other employee documents, such as the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement.
In the payroll survey, however, they are counted as many times as they appear on a payroll record.
In what appears to be an unprecedented provision in the California prevailing wage laws, ready-mix suppliers will be required to obtain from each driver a formal certification that they performed the work duties shown in the certified payroll record, prior to those records being submitted.
The certified payroll record display for data uploaded via XML has been updated to reflect the simplified reporting records.
Investigators also found that Systems Development and Bevilacqua Research both violated the FLSA by failing to record any hours employees worked beyond 40 per workweek as overtime hours in the payroll records.
The number of payroll records shall match the number of employees in the establishment.
A Wage and Hour investigation revealed falsified payroll records purportedly reflecting payment of time-and-one-half workers' regular wages for overtime hours.
In addition to I-9 forms for current and recently terminated employees, employers will be asked to turn over a list of current employees, quarterly wage and hour reports, payroll records, E-Verify confirmations (if the company uses the system), and business infotmation.
In addition, the labor department's investigation found that employees were not paid for 15 minutes of work before and after shifts, and the Disney resorts did not keep proper payroll records.
Atlanta, and offers the largest collection of payroll records contributed directly from employers for lenders seeking to verify employment of loan applicants.
If there are gaps, then payroll records, election forms and loan documents should be analyzed on an individual basis to determine whether the correct amounts-including loan repayments-were withheld from the employees' paychecks and deposited into the plan.