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Effective immediately, the multi-year payor agreement with the national health insurance carrier includes coverage for the insurer's individual, employer-sponsored, Medicare and Medicaid members.
Under the new business development role, she works with both established payor clients and new prospects.
There is to be a decrease in the amount of family support or spousal support associated with a contingency of a child of the payor parent.
It is important for managed care payors to feel attended to, and to strengthen those relationships by consistently evaluating and improving your customer service.
Reliance on outdated technology platforms will also force many payors to continue to incur the massive administrative costs associated with manually processing significant numbers of claims.
The exception is available only if a payor has a reporting obligation under Sec.
Finding their way through this challenging environment, subacute care providers can travel a path already cleared by payors who have learned the advantages that case managers provide.
The results of our survey clearly demonstrate the level of anxiety that currently exists within the payor community as they work to address the rapidly evolving needs of the new healthcare marketplace," said Desrochers.
In February 2001, the Service advised payors (in Announcement 2001-15) that use of the revised Form W-9 is optional until July 1, 2001.
In this episode Ray Desrochers, executive vice president at HealthEdge, addresses the requirements that are associated with this new business model, and recommends a series of specific actions that payors can take to be successful.
The payor does not know (and has no reason to know) that the income is (or may be) effectively connected income; and
The findings released today are based on responses from more than 100 leaders of payor organizations across the country.