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A trial comparing MACE in patients receiving iodixanol or ioxaglate during PTCA for acute coronary syndromes
Primary endpoints In-hospital MACE
Conclusion MACE is lower in high-risk patients without renal insufficiency undergoing PTCA with iodixanol than with ioxaglate
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During the crackdown they arrested six for offences including criminal damage, assault and for not paying court fines.
In chapter two, "Paying Court," Brooks uses court records to explore the economic position of royal household musicians.
Michael Walzer, the political philospher, for example, is attacked for sharing with unnamed "splinter groups, special interest organizations, and newly minted 'minorities"' a belief that 'America" is "guilty and untrustworthy." A figure like Walzer is a special embarrassment to these two, because he is a reminder that when they were paying court to Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and Huey P Newton, there existed a liberal and even a socialist Left in this country that opposed the Vietnam war without ever giving itself over to contempt for democracy o"hatred of America."