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, payer (pā'ŏr, -ĕr)
The person paying the bill, satisfying the claim, or settling a financial obligation.
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CMS and Vermont aim for broad ACO participation throughout the state -- across all the significant payers and the majority of the care delivery system -- to make redesigning the entire care delivery system a rational business strategy for Vermont payers and providers, and to deliver meaningful improvements in the health of and health care for Vermonters.
However, in lieu of reporting exempt interest and exempt-interest dividends on 2006 Form 1099-INT and separately identifying AMT interest, payers be permitted to file with the IRS and furnish to payees a substitute statement in specified form setting forth exempt interest and exempt--interest dividends paid for 2006.
Negotiate and review contract proposals for member services that are submitted by payers, including insurance companies and health plans
Once the cheaper generic becomes available, the laws of most states and the pharmacy reimbursement policies of most third-party payers result in virtually automatic substitution of the generic drug when the brand drug is prescribed.
Do you presently have business agreements with the payers that I use?
While the many issues inherent in the taxation of e-commerce transactions are beyond the scope of these comments, we urge the Department to consider carefully whether Canadian payers or non-resident taxpayers can comply with, or CCRA can even administer, Regulation 105 in an e-commerce environment.
To be sure, we wish the Clintons had used a Canadian-style single payer system as a working model for health reform.
Duplication of services_such as two facilities offering infusion therapy in the same small town_will be viewed by payers as unprofitable.
The IRS notices instruct payers to impose backup withholding (20% of payments such as interest and dividends) on the accounts of customers with incorrect TINs when those customers fail to provide correct TINs to payers within 30 days.
Potential reimbursement from governmental and private payers for the new technology
Notice 2003-37 provides an optional procedure for payers and their agents to use in determining if payment-card transactions are reportable.