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, payer (pā'ŏr, -ĕr)
The person paying the bill, satisfying the claim, or settling a financial obligation.
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One common way payers try to avoid being considered an employer is to require their workers to incorporate.
Gilead's commercial success with its ground breaking HCV treatment Solvadi has been matched by the opposition of healthcare payers at the cost.
Over the past decade, Dymaxium built for payers to provide them efficient access to clinical evidence and economic product information critical to their assessment of products for formulary evaluations.
According to chief commissioner Inland Revenue Multan, the offices of chief commissioners, income tax offices, LTUs, CRTOs, and RTOs will remain open for tax payers' facilitation.
Health Solutions Plus is a provider of mature core administration software solutions for healthcare payers. The HSP Payer Suite provides the innovation, flexibility and automation needed to support multiple lines of business while increasing operational efficiencies.
completed its acquisition of health care payer administration software provider Health Solutions Plus of Melville, N.Y.Conduent Inc.
The commission staff said the proposal is a "last resort" measure meant to fix the share of bad debt.The difference in uncompensated care between public payers and commercial payers would lead to about $100 million more in bad-debt write-offs for commercial payers in the 2019 fiscal year, according to staff estimates.
Yet at the same time, investment in consumer engagement is a top priority for 80% of payers, who invest up to one-third of their health IT dollars to improve the consumer experience.
ISLAMABAD -- Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will launch Tax Directories of Parliamentarians and general tax payers here at Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on September 9 at 5:30 pm.
FBR wants to increase the number of tax payers in Pakistan.
The decision whether to become an in-network provider for local payers is a critical one for behavioral healthcare organizations.
Healthcare Payer Services Market by Service Type (BPO, ITO, KPO), By Application (Claims, Provider, Member management, HR services, Analytics & Fraud, Billing & Accounts) & by End Users (Public & Private Payers) - Analysis and Global Forecast to 2020