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, payer (pā'ŏr, -ĕr)
The person paying the bill, satisfying the claim, or settling a financial obligation.
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Although the notice provides welcome relief from backup withholding, and some relief from having to separately ascertain when exempt interest is AMT interest, payers will still have to compile and report information on exempt interest paid for the over four months before the statute was enacted.
The physicians entered into a membership agreement (PPA) with NTSP that grants NTSP the right to receive all payer offers and imposes on the physicians a duty to promptly forward payer offers to NTSP.
The defendant drug companies' conspiracy to prevent the sale of the generic version of Cardizem CD denied consumers and third-party payers the opportunity to use a significantly less costly generic equivalent.
Do you presently have business agreements with the payers that I use?
Where the Canadian payer can demonstrate that an affiliated non-resident service provider will incur no net Canadian tax liability as a result of the transaction, no withholding should be required.
The fact is, physicians are themselves increasingly terrified of having their lives turned upside down by making private insurers even more important than they are now--which will result from anything less than a single payer plan.
The management staff must gain a clear understanding of the payer market's specific need for cost-effective alternatives to hospitalization and of the competitive pricing pressures of a changing health care environment.
Before turning to our specific concerns about the corporate information reporting proposal, TEI wants to acknowledge the Subcommittee's willingness to work with taxpayers to develop alternatives by which taxpayers' legitimate concerns can be assuaged, payer and payee burdens can be minimized, and the IRS's compliance objectives can be furthered.
Consider one story from a medical practice where a major payer with claims offices in five cities each reimbursed a different amount for the same CPT code even though the contract with that provider is for only one amount.