payback period

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payback period,

n the length of time required for the net revenues of an investment to return the cost of the investment.
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The San Francisco-based Solar Canopy Design/Builder to Offer Solar Installation Owners the Ability to Integrate Advertising Sales Programs to Drastically Improve ROI and Payback Period.
The GreenSmart approach to energy reduction focuses on installing or repairing passive, more cost-effective energy reduction and weatherization measures in residents' units that result in immediate energy savings with less investment and a shorter payback period.
As a leading provider of energy services and solutions, QCS has leveraged its extensive experience in demandside management, weatherization and custom retrofits to develop this program that immediately reduces energy-related costs with a short payback period.
Use of PIA shortens the payback period, but it is still ten years or more for 'b' geotypes
Customers See 600 Percent ROI, Payback Period of 156 Days
The Eclipse system gives customers quality protection, short payback periods and requires less maintenance than other temperamental Electronic Systems.
Delegates will examine case studies, deployment costs, charge for service, payback periods, from their colleagues in the independent operating industry who have pioneered this service.
The end result is an increase in network capacity, throughput and speed of 100 to 400+ percent, which ultimately translates to average payback periods of 3 - 12 months.
This growth strategy will continue in the future, and will be accelerated as payback periods are expected to continue to decline as a result of falling subscriber acquisition costs and increasing installation and subscription based revenues.
Compared to alternative solutions, Tatara's approach can shorten the payback period for public Wi-Fi networks by more than 18 months.