payback period

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payback period,

n the length of time required for the net revenues of an investment to return the cost of the investment.
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The results were used to estimate the nation's energy savings as well as payback periods for building owners.
Under the payback method of analysis, projects or purchases with shorter payback periods rank higher than those with longer paybacks.
Rather than a large-scale, expensive approach to energy management, by replacing antiquated boiler systems or installing triple-glazed windows or solar panels; these require significant investments and longer payback periods.
The software presents clear and compelling data for the user, including estimated statistics on operating expenses, savings, payback periods, ROI and energy usage.
The results of the financial-economic CBA completed in the METAFORA project are presented as payback periods, because SME transport companies have a better understanding of this measure.
Japan * Higher interest rates * Low interest rates * Short planning * Long planning horizons horizons * Lower reliance on * High usage of payback periods payback periods * Companies demand * Companies accept high annual return lower annual return
Driver information and warning systems, and chassis control systems, which offer faster payback periods and high returns on investment are likely to experience steady increase in demand, observes the analyst of this research service.
Energy conservation can also include upgrading chillers, motors and air conditioners, which typically have payback periods of less than three years.
Our process includes engineering and design, solar load testing, proven carrier grade equipment, and payback periods in as few as nine months for an upgrade.
The program includes incentives that make payback periods for project costs unusually attractive.
While initial cost, payback periods, and suitability of the technologies to different applications all remain issues, it now makes sense for fleet managers to experience the new technology for themselves, and then do their own determination of the benefits and applicability of the new equipment for their particular needs.
The deal provided that Shearson Lehman would rent the land with an option to purchase based on set figures and calculated to provide the city with paybacks for any abated taxes not yet received if purchased within the deferral or payback periods.