payback period

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payback period,

n the length of time required for the net revenues of an investment to return the cost of the investment.
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Comment on the stable price assumption underlying the IRR and payback period results for the potential UHDTV project.
In this example, the payback period calculates to 28 months.
If you expect a 20-percent return on new investments, a payback period of five years or less suggests a go-forward decision.
If the equipment has an anticipated annual net cash flow of $50,000, the payback period is five years (250,000/50,000).
Use of PIA shortens the payback period, but it is still ten years or more for 'b' geotypes
According to Build Group Principals, owners can cut payback periods 50% or more by capitalizing on advertising revenues afforded by the SMC.
Energy conservation can also include upgrading chillers, motors and air conditioners, which typically have payback periods of less than three years.
Based on the approximate cost for making these changes, the payback period in the different minimum effluent mills varies between 3 and 5 years.
If you want to borrow money, include the amount, potential return on investment and payback period.
In order to perform a return on investment (ROI) calculation, or the payback period, it is necessary to estimate the capital equipment and installation costs.
The 2009 graduating students expect a payback period of 49 months, up from 43 months, the expected payback period for 2008 graduates.
Stroma officials say the iRing program can bring an almost immediate return on investment and for some larger mines with big tonnages, a one-month payback period.