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ac·counts pay·a·ble

(AP, A/P) (ă-kownts' pā'ă-bĕl)
The aggregate of money owed by the health care practice or hospital to its suppliers and employees.
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87 last August 13, the President said various agencies continue to accrue prior years' accounts payable in their respective books of accounts despite laws and issuances on the reversion of accounts payable.
FLEETCOR Technologies (NYSE: FLT) helps businesses of all sizes control, simplify and secure payment of their fuel, toll, lodging and general payables. With its proprietary payment networks, FLEETCOR provides affiliated merchants with incremental sales and loyalty.
The debt classified as 'other payables' was unnoticed by most market participants due to the near complete lack of disclosure about these practices and the effect on financial statements.
Total payables to independent power producers (IPPS) touched Rs288 billion this year compared to Rs270 billion in 2013.
In certain circumstances, an alternative to sampling for searching for unrecorded liabilities might be more appropriate, such as when there are relatively few large vendors that account for a substantial portion of the year's purchases and the year-end accounts payable. In such a case, a more effective and efficient audit procedure might be auditing reconciliations of recorded payables to vendors' statements or confirmations.
This event will feature Rob DeVincent, one of the automation industry's chief experts, who will discuss trends in Accounts Payable, including Accounts Payable automation, e-invoicing, best practices in AP workflows, how to benchmark your process, and more.
PSO payables to Biscour have been increased to 2 billion.
Present-day SCF functionality takes sum- and date-certain payables from buyers and publishes it to a central Web solution provider.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-25 January 2006-ADP debuts in the accounts payable market(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
* Are you using imaging and workflow products to process your payables?
Nevertheless, in the absence of controlling precedent or regulations, a prudent adviser might suggest that a contribution of zero-basis receivables be made only for valid business reasons, that it be accompanied by the partnership's assumption-related payables, and that there be no accumulation of receivables or prepayment of payables.