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adj pertaining to an obligation to pay at a future time. When used without restriction or modification, the term means that the debt is payable at once.
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The results are impressive and really align the accounts payable team to the company's more strategic challenges.
40 (eight cents, short term and thirty-two cents, long term) per share, payable on Jan.
Accounts Payable Internal Control Manual and Checklists -- includes specific internal control policies for more than a dozen processes, along with templates for creating a Code of Ethics and Sarbanes-Oxley Management Report, an internal controls check list and risk assessment checklist.
Provisions of the Excise Tax Act that normally determine when the GST is payable will apply to determine the appropriate rate of tax.
2702-3(e), Example 5, it will treat the retained unitrust interest payable to A or A's estate as a qualified interest payable for a 10-year term.
25 (twenty-five cents) per share, payable on June 26, 2000, to shareholders of record on June 22, 2000.
It is essential to be aware that a rental agreement that states only when rent is payable does not specifically allocate rent within the meaning of the regulations.
As a series of variable-rate receivables and a series of fixed-rate unconditional payables to be settled by net payments after setoff.
3689 per share representing the dividend payment originally due November 15, 2006, was declared on the outstanding Series C Preferred Stock, payable February 15, 2007, to shareholders of record at the close of business on February 5, 2007.
28 (twenty-eight cents) per share payable on September 27, 1999, to shareholders of record on September 23, 1999.
supply of a right to use new technology), there are no overriding rules such as paragraph 168(3)(a) to deem the tax to become payable or subsection 168(6) to defer the valuation of consideration to the time value is ascertainable.
Our previous accounts payable system required duplicate data entry and too much administrative time to complete routine tasks," said John Pleasants, manager of Annual Financial Planning & Management Accounting, Navy Federal Credit Union.