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ac·counts pay·a·ble

(AP, A/P) (ă-kownts' pā'ă-bĕl)
The aggregate of money owed by the health care practice or hospital to its suppliers and employees.
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87 last August 13, the President said various agencies continue to accrue prior years' accounts payable in their respective books of accounts despite laws and issuances on the reversion of accounts payable.
'All documented accounts payable for fiscal year 2016 and years prior thereto shall be reverted to the Accumulate, Surplus or Deficit of the General Fund, or the Cumulative Result of Operations of the National Government,' the order read.
Because the forward contract completely eliminates the cash flow variability from exchange rate risk, the company can designate the forward contract as a cash flow hedge of the payable. Regardless of the exchange rate of the euro on July 31, 2017, the company is guaranteed to pay $109,290.
Beasley Broadcast Group (Trade payable): $1.5 million
The central bank report only highlighted the long-term loans payable by groups of foreign and local financial institutions.
Copper and gold payable production for the three and six months ended June 30, 2016 was slightly lower compared to the same periods in 2015, primarily as a result of mining lower grade material in the second quarter 2016 due to pit sequencing and transitioning from phase 2 to phase 3 mining.
This event will feature Rob DeVincent, one of the automation industry's chief experts, who will discuss trends in Accounts Payable, including Accounts Payable automation, e-invoicing, best practices in AP workflows, how to benchmark your process, and more.
Summary: DUBAI - Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, known as du, said on Monday the royalty payable to the federal government for 2010 will be 15 per cent of net profit before any distribution.
APEX Analytix, a provider of services and software for performance improvement, error prevention and fraud detection in accounts payable, has announced a new alliance agreement with Visual Risk IQ, a consulting and systems integration firm specializing in risk advisory services for large global businesses.
The accounts payable department is the backbone of the firm and does much more than pay bills; accounts payable expert and financial journalist Schaeffer understands that even business finance experts underestimate the power and purpose of accounts payable.
The IRS argued that section 6511(a) and regulations section 301.6511(a)-1 distinguish between refunds payable by return and those payable by stamp.