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, payer (pā'ŏr, -ĕr)
The person paying the bill, satisfying the claim, or settling a financial obligation.
References in classic literature ?
Very good; we allow but half as much; we pay her only a tenth of a cent a day; and --"
I never have a thousand livres to pay," replied D'Artagnan.
What wilt thou pay this knight, Sir Prior, to give thee release of his land?
I do not refuse, brother Andres," said the farmer, "be good enough to come along with me, and I swear by all the orders of knighthood there are in the world to pay you as I have agreed, real by real, and perfumed.
Then the tradesman does not pay a part of it-- the purchaser pays all of it?
The great writer had recently died in a foreign land - in dire poverty, Martin remembered, which was not to be wondered at, considering the magnificent pay authors receive.
If he slap you, we ain't got no pig for pay the fine,' she said insinuatingly.
And I am as grave as a father confessor,'' replied the Outlaw; ``you must pay a round ransom, Sir Prior, or your convent is likely to be called to a new election; for your place will know you no more.
Now the meaning of "credit" is this--when a customer buys a bar of soap, instead of the customer pulling out a purse and paying for it--she says she will pay another time.
Does that mean you won't pay for it after having told me I could get it?
The difficulty is to pay the few debts left standing, and to start the two sons in life.
When I pay off, I shall send my money home to wait for me.