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I used a roll of film on the pawpaw trees, and then calmly dug up an 18-inch-high root sucker from the big pawpaw patch.
The second regret is even greater: I should have started planting pawpaw trees sooner than I did!
Although the pawpaw trees that get the most sun usually produce the most fruit, when the trees are small they should be protected from intense sunlight.
Pawpaw trees normally do not begin bearing fruit until they are 5 years old.
Since 1981, Peterson has tended more than a dozen varieties of pawpaw trees collected from the wild as well as century-old orchards.
They also totally destroyed our two-foot tall pawpaw trees, lilac bush, and my three-foot tall fig tree.
So far, pawpaw trees are growing as well in their new Oregon home as they do in their native range from New York to Michigan and from Nebraska to the Florida panhandle.