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An antibiotic derived from metabolites of fungi, such as species of Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Gymnoascus; has carcinogenic activity.
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En sik karsilasilan mikotoksinler; aflatoksinler, okratoksin, trikotesen, zearalenon, patulin ve fumonisin olarak siralanabilir.
Study on the effects of feeding laying hens on separate myctotoxins (aflatoxins, patulin or citrinin) contaminated diets on the egg quality and tissue constituents.
Patulin (clavicin, expansin) and Cytochalasin E are important mycotoxin produce by Aspergillus clavatus (Lopez- Diaz and Flannigan, 1997; Davis and Diener, 1987).
Among microbes, Penicillium expansum, a fungus is a major causative agent of post harvest decay in apple, since it produces patulin, a mycotoxin known to cause harmful effects in humans (Chen et al., 2004).
For example, an antibiotic metabolite produced by Penicillium urtica Bainier was identified as patulin that can suppress damping-off disease of several plants.
In addition, they may produce the patulin mycotoxin.
Aspergillus terreus is associated with aspergillosis of the lungs and/or disseminated aspergillosis and can produce the toxins patulin and citrinin, which may be associated with disease in humans and animals.
Mycotoxins such as aflatoxins, ochratoxin, zearalenon, trichothecenes, fumosins and patulin (Bennett, 1987; Dhingra & Coelho Neto, 1998; Russell et al., 2004) may cause health problems to humans.
Papers related to contamination and the state of microflora include such topics as the attachment of microorganisms to fresh produce and their internalization and infiltration, those on microbial spoilage include bacterial soft rot and spoilage of juices and beverages by Alicyclobacillus, those on food safety include studies of products such as mushrooms, sprouts and melons, toxins such as patulin and the safety of minimally-processed fruits and vegetables, and papers on interventions include such topics as quality control, surface pasteurization, sanitizing treatments, nonthermal treatments and gas or vapor phase sanitation.
viridicatum; and patulin (which is cytotoxic and carcinogenic in rats), from P.
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