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The NET patient survey was conducted by NCAN and Ipsen as part of Ipsen's KnowYourNETS education campaign.
BOOKING an appointment with your GP is getting more difficult every year, according to a national patient survey.
The Cole House Practice, in Park Road, Bedworth, received stunning marks in the annual GP Patient Survey.
The practice, on Huddersfield Road, received stunning marks in the annual GP Patient Survey, analysed by the Trinity Mirror Data Unit.
A GP practice in Wirral was ranked as one of the best in the country in a patient survey.
NHS Choices GP patient survey for 2013-14 has revealed that patients are happy with their overall experience, and every patient who has filled out the survey said they would recommend the practice to friends and family.
Within the following areas of investigation conducted surveys of all client except SKL, the National Patient Survey a Primary Care.
The Wales Audit Office will use the patient survey to highlight aspects of patients' treatment which are good and also areas which could improve.
Based on data from the 2008 Abortion Patient Survey, the study will appear in the March issue of Women's Health Issues and is available online at www.
It is designed to get feedback from patients to generate improvements more quickly than the traditional feedback system of the National Patient Survey, whose results are only available after nine months.
THREE Merseyside hospitals have topped the country in an annual patient survey.
The results of the NSW Health Patient Survey 2009 show a high level of patient satisfaction in the nursing care they received.

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