patient satisfaction

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pa·tient sat·is·fac·tion

(pāshĕnt satis-fakshŭn)
Patient's opinion of care received.
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pa·tient sat·is·fac·tion

(pāshĕnt satis-fakshŭn)
Patient's opinion of care received.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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PatientTrak is the leading, HIPAA compliant patient feedback solution in the healthcare industry with services and software that deliver automated patient satisfaction surveys, brand marketing analytics, integrated physician performance publishing solutions.
"Improved patient satisfaction and better quality care are the essence of what we strive for as we continue to innovate and bring new products to the joint replacement market."
Patient satisfaction is now an endpoint for the evaluation of care, physician payment structures (4) and a measure for insurance companies to determine hospital selection and reimbursement.
These kinds of studies can analyze strengths and weaknesses of health care systems, and the factors influencing patient satisfaction levels can be implemented.2 Complaints and dissatisfaction shown by patients may ensue in changing dentist, causing great anxiety and stress among dental care providers.6 In an era of clinical governance and delivery of high-quality oral health care, it is necessary to deal with patients' apprehensions appropriately.3, 7 Several studies have been conducted to ascertain patients' satisfaction level in dental-related treatments.
Consistent with prior studies, (3-8) we defined patient satisfaction using the two questions that ask the patient about their overall impression of the hospital from their stay.
With all LHC Group providers included (Almost Family legacy locations and recent acquisitions), the company achieved a quality score of 4.14 and an industry-leading patient satisfaction rating of 4.14 in the July report - compared to national averages of 3.28 (quality) and 3.70 (patient satisfaction), respectively.
On the other hand public hospitals unfortunately not only have scant resources in terms of man power, medicines and diagnostics but are also least focused towards patient satisfaction. Hospitals must be conversant with their strengths and weaknesses to gain and maintain market share.
Summary: With reference to the article 'Patient satisfaction ratings for Dubai healthcare facilities from next year' (KT, July 17), from now on all h...
In order to calculate the Patient Satisfaction Score, each item was scored as: Good = 3, Fair = 2, or Poor = 1.
The quality of service and patient satisfaction depends on their perceptions during the use of services that also focus on delivering services that meet customer health care services.
Furthermore, no studies to date concerning telemedicine patient satisfaction have employed a theoretical framework to investigate patient satisfaction for diabetic retinopathy screenings.

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