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Hosted on BTs secure platform, the service complies with the stringent NHS information governance security standards governing patient identifiable data something which is essential in a health and social environment where patient and service user confidentiality is paramount.
His organization is now trying to move forward with workarounds, for example, by messaging an image of a fracture, but not including any patient identifiable data.
Documents with patient identifiable data were potentially available to staff across the three trusts.
The Cabinet Office and Department of Health reportedly issued a directive in January 2008 to NHS trusts in the UK mandating that all mobile IT devices containing patient identifiable data must be encrypted by 31 March 2008, including laptops, memory sticks and mobile phones.
With the movement to the Internet for EDI, enterprises are concerned about the security of sensitive information -- including, but not limited to, patient identifiable data, sensitive
Not remove patient identifiable data form the GP systems
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