patient history

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patient history,

n 1. documentation collected from the patient and further sources on the pathogenesis of the illness.
2. patient's medical or health experiences, including illness. See also anamnesis, case taking, and catamnesis.
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Depending on the size of a hospital and its uptake of technology, there might be two or more legacy EMR systems that contain patient history information but aren't readily accessible by clinicians.
Patient history and physical exams are the most important portions of a clinical assessment.
Despite the radiographer obtaining a good patient history prior to the study, patients do not always remember or reveal pertinent information, as was the case in the next study.
Patient History Viewer records insurance eligibility and claim status queries for each patient visit.
The barcode feature is particularly useful in medical, education and government environments because it allows users to generate labels quickly for applications such as inventory control, shipping, or marking confidential records or patient history.
Care Management solutions that allow case and disease managers easy access to patient history, case status, eligibility, medical management utilization, and more, in order to identify high-risk and high-cost patients;
Vignette's industry-leading portal will provide physicians with a federated view of information from multiple healthcare providers with a single log-in, saving time and providing complete and accurate patient history information, which can improve patient safety and enhance the quality of care.
With the help of Emerging Health Information Technology, an experienced provider of healthcare information management solutions, Bronx Lebanon's physicians and clinicians now have access to a comprehensive view of patient history, test results and current medications at the exact time and place it is needed.
NEC's healthcare customers are among some of the nation's most recognized names and include, Purkinje -- the maker of Dossier(TM), a chart management tool designed to create medical records including patient history, physical exams, procedures, medication and treatment information; Pharmaceutical Discovery Corporation -- a biotech enterprise recognized for its patented and proprietary Technosphere(TM) drug delivery system; and ProHealth Physicians -- a large practice of primary care physicians serving over 300,000 patients in the Connecticut area.
In addition, long-range wireless transmissions and electronic patient records provide more complete and continuous data feeds about patient history, health and activities.
And, the authors said, OPCAB may be better in some cases for patients that are poor candidates for traditional bypass surgery because of preexisting medical conditions such as diabetes, renal problems, and patient history of stroke or heart attack.
Unlike e-mail, webVisits will allow patients to go online via a secure Web site using a password and respond to a set of questions tailored to their specific conditions, which will produce a patient history similar to the one developed when arriving at a doctor's office for an in-person visit.

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