patient data

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patient data

Information about an individual patient, which may be relevant to decisions about current or future health or illness. Patient data should be collected using methods that minimise systematic and random error.


an animal that is ill or is undergoing treatment for disease.

patient data
name, initials, sex, address, postcode, phone number.
patient monitoring
continuous or frequent periodic clinical assessment.
patient rights
are adapted from the statement applicable to human medicine. They are really only applicable to the client in the veterinary situation. See client rights.
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Trusted by top healthcare facilities, and providing the most effective integrated workflow in digital imaging, Dicom Systems ensures that doctors, practitioners and diagnosticians have the most reliable and most immediate access to patient data from across their Healthcare Enterprises.
In a 1988 article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Ellwood called for a "massive, computerized data base" containing data on "millions of patients" that would "routinely and systematically measure the functioning and well-being of patients" Ellwood claimed that pooling patient data "on a massive scale" would not only reduce the cost of constructing HMO report cards, but would advance medical science.
Legislation necessitating a stable healthcare IT infrastructure and stressing on patient data safety is a major driver," notes the analyst of this research service.
HIPAA-protected patient data and all applications are instead saved on a hospital or physician's office server, and can only be accessed by authorized users.
The advent of removable media and new devices allows employees to have constant access to critical patient data and also provides an easy mechanism to share this information among healthcare workers and service providers.
Misys' family of leading clinical products and Web-based technologies - Misys Optimum[TM] solutions - are designed from the ground up to share patient data across all medical care settings.
By integrating with First DataBank, a market leader in providing drug content for inpatient settings, ED PulseCheck users streamline communication of critical patient data, helping to reduce medication errors and improve efficiency between two important hospital departments," said Todd Winey, Picis' director of alliance partnerships.
These patient data are then delivered to all care team participants, either through implemented EMR/EHR applications or through Web-based portal views.
The homecare/alternate care division integrates the EMR into the Electronic Medical Data Exchange(TM) and into the Electronic House Call(TM) systems while the hospital division plans to integrate the EMR into the CyberStat(TM) patient data management system.

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