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patient 'Bill of Rights'

Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities A statement developed by the Am Hospital Assn that delineates the treatment that a person has a right to expect when in a hospital, and the behavior expected of that person with respect to his own therapy, follow-up, and conduct while there
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VICE President Yemi Osinbajo has launched the Patient Bill of Rights which he said is a significant contribution in establishing one of the most important rights of all humanity: the right to life in which inheres the right to adequate healthcare.
(2) The healthcare systems in many countries have compiled a patient bill of rights, which are important responsibilities of all levels of management.
(31) Ibid.; Melanie H Wilson Silver, "Patients' rights in England and the United Slates of America: The Patient's Charter and the New Jersey Patient Bill of Rights: a comparison" (1997) 23 BMJ: Journal of Medical Ethics 213.
(64) University Health Network, "Patient Bill of Rights and
Breaking gridlock on managed care reform, a bipartisan coalition in Congress introduced the newest version of a patient bill of rights. Unlike last year's ill-fated Norwood-Dingell bill, the Bipartisan Patient Protection Act of 2001 has strong bipartisan support; concern remains, however, on the provisions that allow patients to sue their managed care plan.
But with such a balanced Congress and the public climate favoring such items as the Patient Bill of Rights, etc., the trends over the next 12 months bear watching.
8, 1999, at 3 (paraphrasing Senator Kennedy's statements on the need for a patient bill of rights).
The patient bill of rights, which would give patients the right to sue managed care companies for harm resulting from delayed or denied care, was front and center.
While there, he represented organizations including the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, National Football League and Cardinal Health on issues that included trade, satellite TV and the patient bill of rights.
anticipates dramatic change should the currently debated Patient Bill of Rights become law.
In a poll taken at the Employee Benefits Management Forum and Expo in Nashville, TN, 88% of the benefits and human resources management professionals surveyed replied "yes" when asked if they thought recent Patient Bill of Rights legislation would affect the way HMOs and health plans do business.
Senate and the House of Representatives each had enacted its own version of a patient bill of rights. The more recent of the two debates occurred in the House and was a hard fought, highly politicized battle involving an array of special interests including nursing.

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