pathological anatomy

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pathological anatomy

(in applied anatomy) the study of the structure and morphological characteristics of the tissues and cells of the body as related to disease.

pathological anatomy

The anatomy of abnormal, diseased, or injured tissue. Synonym: morbid anatomy
See also: anatomy


the science dealing with the form and structure of living organisms.

comparative anatomy
description and comparison of the form and structure of different animals.
developmental anatomy
the changes in form from fertilization to adulthood, including embryology, fetology and postnatal development.
gross anatomy
that dealing with structures visible with the unaided eye. Called also macroscopic anatomy.
macroscopic anatomy
see gross anatomy (above).
microscopic anatomy
anatomy revealed by microscopy; includes histology and cytology.
morbid anatomy
anatomy of diseased tissues. Called also pathological anatomy.
pathological anatomy
see morbid anatomy (above).
radiological anatomy
anatomy revealed by the techniques of radiography and fluoroscopy.
special anatomy
anatomy devoted to study of particular organs or parts.
topographic anatomy
that devoted to determination of relative positions of various body parts; regional anatomy.
x-ray anatomy
see radiological anatomy (above).

pathological, pathologic

pertaining to or emanating from pathology.

pathological anatomy
see morbid anatomy.
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