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, pathological (path'ō-loj'ik, -i-kăl),
1. Pertaining to pathology.
2. Morbid or diseased; resulting from disease.
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(păth′ə-lŏj′ĭ-kəl) also


1. Of or relating to pathology.
2. Relating to or caused by disease.
3. Of, relating to, or manifesting behavior that is habitual, maladaptive, and compulsive: a pathological liar.

path′o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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Pertaining to disease or to the study of disease (PATHOLOGY).
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Patient discussion about pathological

Q. what is the most accurate pathological test to identify the primary source of a cystic mass in the neck? the mass was removed. Pathologist was unable to identify the source and diagnosed the mass as a branchilogic carcinmoa (which is extremely rare, if exists at all). Therefore, I am looking for the most updated test and examinations that can be applied to blocks of the mass and determine their origin (primary source)

A. Pathologic examinaions under a microscope are the most accurate ones there are, and sometimes even they don't help to identify the cell types. I do not have any other ideas on other tests you can do, and I believe you should follow the treatment your doctors will advise you based on this diagnosis they have made.

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Microscope manufacturers in the pathological microscopes market include Nikon Corporation (Japan), Leica Biosystems Nussloch GmbH (Germany), Olympus Corporation (Japan), ZEISS International (Germany), Labomed, Inc.
DN was diagnosed based on histopathological features such as glomerular hypertrophy, capillary basement membrane thickening, diffuse mesangial expansion, nodular mesangial sclerosis, and hyalinization of afferent and efferent arterioles.[11] The pathological findings of all patients were reviewed by two experienced nephrologists.
The pathological changes associated with the impacted 3rd molar are cystic changes which include Dentigerous cysts ,Odontogenic Keratocyst and Calcifying Odontogenic cyst .Ameloblastoma .Myxoma, and Odontogenic fibroma are the commonest neoplasms .Soft tissue pathological changes are hyperplasia's ,inflammation and calcification are the common findings around the impacted 3rd molar teeth.9
During the period of analysis, 420 circumcisions were performed of which 64 (15%) had foreskins pathological assessment due to suspicion of LS.
Walkup, reporting that signs of pathological anxiety typically develop between the ages of 6 and 12 years.
Lady Reading Hospital director Dr Khalid Masud said his hospital had been providing all sorts of pathological investigations in line with the international protocols and thus, ensuring the best possible patient care.
Risky decision-making and its neurobiological underpinnings can be applied to the understanding of pathological gambling.
The CK18, MMP-9, and TIMP1 averages of those with positive clinical lymph nodes (pathological lymph nodes in preop tomography) and those in clinical stage 3 were found to be higher than the averages of those with negative clinical lymph nodes and those in clinical stage 2 (P < 0.05) (Table 4).
Quantitative analysis of NIC in the venous phase is also valuable for predicting the pathological grade of lung adenocarcinoma.
Group-A, included 124 patients with reactive CTG, whereas group-B included 90 patients having non-reactive CTG including both suspicious and pathological traces.
According to the sources at RIC, former president was admitted to the VIP ward of the hospital where the doctors have been taking care of him besides carrying out pathological tests.

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