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the development of morbid conditions or of disease; more specifically the cellular events and reactions and other pathologic mechanisms occurring in the development of disease. adj., adj pathogenet´ic.


Rarely used synonym for pathogenesis.


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The strains tested positive for hypersensitivity, pectolytic activity and pathogeny test for the host which the strain was isolated from have rod-like shape morphologically.
The pathogeny of destructive periodontal disease and atherosclerotic disease, hence, can be related through common inflammatory cascades (5).
Diagnosis, classification and pathogeny of diabetes mellitus.
[Correlations of telomere length changing and pathogeny of keratoconus.] [Article in Chinese] Zhonghua Yan Ke Za Zhi.
"Ischemic heart disease (pathogeny, diagnostics it treatment): Science and technology", Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent.
It can reduce the absorption of heavy metals in soil, and also increase the plant resistance to root pathogeny, the development of phito-hormones, and the growth of radicle rootlets (hairy roots); Besides it intensificate the Nitrogen development ,which increase the photosynthesis that cause host plant to grow more.
Themes referred to etiology, pathogeny, symptoms, curse, and therapeutic alternatives of this syndrome, are revised.
Leo Pinsker, the first President of the Russian Hovevi Zion [The Lovers of Zion] movement (a late nineteenth century philanthropic society geared toward forming agrarian settlements in Palestine) was not only an early proponent of Jewish nativism (arguing repeatedly for a "return" to the soil, as he stressed in his opening address to the first Hovevi Zion congress; see Laqueur 77), but also a diagnostician of the "pathogeny" produced by the situation of Jews living in Europe.
Pathology and pathogeny are also central to an epic myth concerning the "mothers of the world" who, as Pintchman indicates (p.
(7) Knowing the associations between HLA-B polymorphic variants and HIV-1 MTCT can add to the understanding of the pathogeny of HIV-1 infection.
The etiology of KienbAaAaAeA ck's disease (KD) is still controversial, a it is believed that blood supply of lunate is a core pathogeny of KD.
However, the reduction of eosinophilic infiltration of the bronchial wall following antiIL-5 antibodies therapy has not been associated with a significant improvement of the respiratory function, due to the complexity of factors involved in asthmatic disease pathogeny [30].