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Not two weeks after the pathetically mishandled coup in the Soviet Union collapsed, an article in the Sunday New York Times business section proclaimed: "Now Is the Time to Invest in the Soviets.
A bad version of this character type may not even be shown, such as the off-camera psychiatrist in 1970's "Diary of a Mad Housewife' whose advice to a frustrated woman is portrayed as pathetically misguided.
When I saw utterly poor children -- diseased, crippled, naked, and most of all pathetically hungry boys and girls -- playing in gutters in the filthiest water I had ever seen, it was beyond comprehension.
If it fails, the Government will break its pledge to maintain at least 19 frigates and destroyers - already a pathetically low total.
But on the other hand, maybe a mass boycott would curb his pathetically ridiculous diktat.
I for one denounce the politicians who betrayed us and I look forward to voting for none of these pathetically inept political parties at the next election, it really is time for change here in the North East.
Beware of them, there is more to their agenda than simply being weird, weak, and pathetically nice to everyone in the hope that everyone will be pathetically nice back.
I have watched so many of my neighbours this week either pour hot water over there windscreen only for it to form up in ice as quick as they drive past my front door, peering through a two-in gap, or pathetically clear the windscreen with some sort of a credit card or CD case as they refuse to spend pounds 2 on a proper device which could save their lives.
she struggles pathetically to palm a share of the blame onto other parties.
Check the pathetically puny ratings for his impressive array of feeble telly flops.
Blaming the police is a pathetically immature response and legally you would not have had a leg to stand on.
Now, not only does Flopsy observe me coolly from her hutch as I cook and wash up, but in a neat bit of emotional blackmail, she gets pathetically up onto her hind legs whenever I go anywhere near, begging to be let out.