path analysis

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path a·nal·y·sis

a mode of analysis involving assumptions about the direction of causal relationships among linked sequences and configurations of variables.


separation into component parts.

cohort analysis
the separation of each of two cohorts into component parts and comparing the results.
current analysis
analysis performed on contemporary data.
discriminant analysis
a form of multivariate analysis in which the objective is to establish a discriminate function. The function (typically a mathematical formula) discriminates between individuals in the population and allocates each of them to a group within the population. The function is established on the basis of a series of measurements or observations made on the individuals.
economic analysis
evaluation of the costs and benefits of a commercial enterprise that takes into account additional returns, returns no longer obtained, additional costs and costs no longer incurred, discounting of gains back to the time when the project began, and opportunity costs relating to potential profitability from alternative use of the investment.
factor analysis
a multivariate technique which analyzes the underlying structure of a set of data. It is useful in explaining observed relationships amongst a large number of variables in terms of simpler relations.
guaranteed analysis
declares the range within which nutrients occur in a manufactured animal food.
multivariate analysis
techniques for the study of simultaneous variation in a number of variables. Includes linear discriminant functions, cluster analysis and factor and principal component analysis.
path analysis
a statistical technique for testing a limited number of causal hypotheses, the causal relationships between variables, by manipulation of one or more of the variables and predicting the outcome.
qualitative analysis
determination of the nature of the constituents of a compound or mixture.
quantitative analysis
determination of the proportionate quantities of the constituents of a compound or mixture.
regression analysis
a general statistical technique that analyzes the relationship between a dependent (criterion) variable and a set of independent (predictor) variables.
systems analysis
analysis of the interaction of a system, e.g. a biological system, often for the purpose of analyzing the differences between systems. See also system.
analysis of variance
a statistical method for comparing variables by partitioning the variance of the observations between the effects of the different variables and comparing it with the underlying random variation.
vector analysis
analysis of a moving force to determine both its magnitude and its direction, e.g. analysis of the scalar electrocardiogram to determine the magnitude and direction of the electromotive force for one complete cycle of the heart.


a course for a procedure, especially in statistical matters.

path analysis
an analytical method suitable for the study of multiple variables. It has the advantage over the usual stepwise multiple regression analysis in that it allows the epidemiologist to decide the order in which the independent variables enter the regression equations, thus improving the chance that the modeled sequence of events will approximate the pattern in nature.
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Although it is not an exact notation, but here, expression of path analysis is limited to application of multi-variables regression to extract causal relations among observed variables.
Figure 1 depicts the results from the path analysis illustrating the relationships among the IBM constructs.
For the similar path analysis assessing measures of birds and mammals based on 2003 surveys with N.
Based on the results of path analysis using AMOS can be seen that hypothesis 2 can be accepted because the value of significance (p) generated is smaller than the limit that is equal to 0.
Correlation and path analysis for growth traits in F1 population of pearl oyster Pinctada martensii.
The current study used path analysis to investigate a mediation model whereby openness to experience would mediate the relationship between night-sky interest and reading for pleasure.
Also, 47 percent of respondents to the Clear Path Analysis survey report they are resisting the urge to acquire new systems due to the challenge presented by engaging staff and outsourced providers to use the new technology.
The two-group path analysis resulted in differences in the degree to which individual learner variables (i.
In addition, a path analysis showed that 80% of the treatment effect on depressive symptoms was accounted for directly by BDI score, whereas only 20% was accounted for by the indirect effect of UPDRS III score.
The analysis proceeds in two stages: (i) comparative regressions and (ii) path analysis tests.
It is observed by path analysis that, among the three dimensions of engineering consulting firms' intellectual capital, the human capital has a great influence on structural capital and relational capital.
A latent variable path analysis was performed using partial least squares (PLS) regression procedures (Sellin, 1995; Sellin & Keeves, 1994) with the computer software PLSPATH 3.