path analysis

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path a·nal·y·sis

a mode of analysis involving assumptions about the direction of causal relationships among linked sequences and configurations of variables.


separation into component parts.

cohort analysis
the separation of each of two cohorts into component parts and comparing the results.
current analysis
analysis performed on contemporary data.
discriminant analysis
a form of multivariate analysis in which the objective is to establish a discriminate function. The function (typically a mathematical formula) discriminates between individuals in the population and allocates each of them to a group within the population. The function is established on the basis of a series of measurements or observations made on the individuals.
economic analysis
evaluation of the costs and benefits of a commercial enterprise that takes into account additional returns, returns no longer obtained, additional costs and costs no longer incurred, discounting of gains back to the time when the project began, and opportunity costs relating to potential profitability from alternative use of the investment.
factor analysis
a multivariate technique which analyzes the underlying structure of a set of data. It is useful in explaining observed relationships amongst a large number of variables in terms of simpler relations.
guaranteed analysis
declares the range within which nutrients occur in a manufactured animal food.
multivariate analysis
techniques for the study of simultaneous variation in a number of variables. Includes linear discriminant functions, cluster analysis and factor and principal component analysis.
path analysis
a statistical technique for testing a limited number of causal hypotheses, the causal relationships between variables, by manipulation of one or more of the variables and predicting the outcome.
qualitative analysis
determination of the nature of the constituents of a compound or mixture.
quantitative analysis
determination of the proportionate quantities of the constituents of a compound or mixture.
regression analysis
a general statistical technique that analyzes the relationship between a dependent (criterion) variable and a set of independent (predictor) variables.
systems analysis
analysis of the interaction of a system, e.g. a biological system, often for the purpose of analyzing the differences between systems. See also system.
analysis of variance
a statistical method for comparing variables by partitioning the variance of the observations between the effects of the different variables and comparing it with the underlying random variation.
vector analysis
analysis of a moving force to determine both its magnitude and its direction, e.g. analysis of the scalar electrocardiogram to determine the magnitude and direction of the electromotive force for one complete cycle of the heart.


a course for a procedure, especially in statistical matters.

path analysis
an analytical method suitable for the study of multiple variables. It has the advantage over the usual stepwise multiple regression analysis in that it allows the epidemiologist to decide the order in which the independent variables enter the regression equations, thus improving the chance that the modeled sequence of events will approximate the pattern in nature.
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The high determination coefficient and the effect of the low residual variable indicated the goodness of fit of the path analysis model, as well as the effective explanation of the effects of the five explanatory variables regarding the basic feijoa variable (pulp weight) (CRUZ & CARNEIRO, 2006).
observing the correlation and path analysis for yield and fruit quality, verified a positive and significant correlation between the number of fruits per plant and total production, Fruit length and L/D ratio, and negative for L/D and fruit diameter.
The path analysis indicated that the traits sugar and root length and glycine betaine had high direct and indirect effects on osmotic adjustment under drought stress.
Regarding Path Analysis with Regression using OLS, it gives exactly the same results as Path Analysis by MLE for saturated models.
In fact, the efficiency of path analysis is clear in the present study.
Path analysis provides a useful technique for modeling.
Finding the right technology to lead to better compliance will not be easy, which is one reason why the 85 percent figure cited by Clear Path Analysis is both scary and sobering.
A two-group path analysis was performed as an overall test to examine if student factors influence the mediating factors (self-regulated learning, motivation, and mathematics anxiety), and if these mediating factors influence the academic performance of fifth- and sixth-grade students.
The analysis proceeds in two stages: (i) comparative regressions and (ii) path analysis tests.
A latent variable path analysis was performed using partial least squares (PLS) regression procedures (Sellin, 1995; Sellin & Keeves, 1994) with the computer software PLSPATH 3.
95 includes last visitor details, an Organic Search Report, a Referrers Report, the Easy Export Function, Web Analytics Tutor, a Bounce Rate Report, Advanced Campaign Management, a Sales Summary Report, Scenario Analysis, an Advanced Path Analysis and optional plug-ins.