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1. The state of being a father; fatherhood.
2. Descent on a father's side; paternal descent.
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As the father to the unborn child, am I entitled to paternity leave?
A scheme introduced 12 months ago, which gives eligible Stirling Council staff four weeks'fully-paid paternity leave, has been welcomed by some of those who have taken advantage of it.
The Women, Family and Community Development Ministry requested private sector employers to give due consideration to the three-day paternity leave for husbands whose wives have given birth.
A study of maternity and paternity leave and pay given by 200 large companies found that only three offered the same amount to both parents.
Prince Harry's paternity leave and Meghan Markle's maternity leave will start soon, but how long will their breaks last? 
Manilatimes manila A day after President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Expanded Maternity Leave law, a lawmaker bared a move to lengthen the paternity leave for working fathers.
After the enactment of the 105-day paid maternity leave benefit for women workers, Congress is 'expected to lengthen the paternity leave for fathers as well,' Surigao del Sur Rep.
Expanded paternity leave also eyed !-- -- Jess Diaz (The Philippine Star) - February 23, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Following the enactment of a law extending maternity leave to 105 days, a Mindanao congressman is eyeing to lengthen paid paternity leave from seven days to 15 days.
The law also includes a provision allow-ing the allocation of seven maternity leave days to fathers, raising the paternity leave to 14 days from the current seven days.
ISLAMABAD -- Paternity leave has been incorporated in the rules of the National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW).
Paternity leave in Pakistan has officially been extended to ten days.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Secretary of Minister of Human Rights Javeria Aga here on Thursday appreciated the Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari for the approval and extension of paternity leave up to 10-day.