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1. The state of being a father; fatherhood.
2. Descent on a father's side; paternal descent.
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of micro-businesses who said they would not take extended paternity leave, 16% said that was because they would feel unco mfortable having that .
Dad-of-two Miliband said: "Thanks to the last Labour government, fathers have two weeks' paid paternity leave.
He recently came back to work after two weeks of paternity leave and two weeks of unpaid parent leave.
Chief executive Charles Elvin said: "The introduction of shared parental leave is a crucial step towards enabling more women to progress into senior roles, yet our research revealed cultural barriers are impeding the uptake of both two weeks' statutory paternity leave and additional paternity leave.
With censuses never broaching the topic of male fertility, or paternity, the other major potential source of data for developed populations has been surveys, but a number of studies have reported seriously incomplete survey coverage of paternity compared to female fertility (Cherlin, Griffith, & McCarthy, 1983; Fikree, Gray, & Shah, 1993; Furstenberg, 1988; Juby & Le Bourdais, 1999; Poulain, Riandey, & Firdion, 1991; Rendall, Clarke, Peters, Ranjit, & Verropoulou, 1999).
While British law grants paternity leave, experts believe there are still many challenges facing new fathers from taking advantage of the time off.
Extending paternity pay from two to six weeks and paying a better statutory rate would make a massive difference, as has been shown in other countries.
A spokesman said: "Extending paternity pay from two to six weeks and paying a better statutory rate would make a massive difference.
A paternity test can accurately detect the probability of a male as the biological father of a child.
Katie Douglas, legal director at Pinsent Masons, said: "These figures show that there has been a significant shift in attitudes towards paternity leave, but we are still some way from parity.
The number of Bulgarian men that have taken paternity leaves to care for children younger than one year of age has increased by 25% over the last three years, reaching 301 in 2011.
Dubai Only a few companies in the UAE provide paternity leave benefit, others don't.