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pateras (pä·teˑ·räs), in Curanderismo, the Mexican-American healing system, the term for
midwives. See parteras.
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Many buildings don't raise the common charges or run a deficit for two or three years, and then they meet up with expenses," Pateras said.
A Department for Work and Pensions spokesman said: 'An investigation is currently under way into the length of time it took for Sara Pateras to receive her payment.
The crossing costs from $2,000 for passage on a simple outboard motor-powered patera to $3,000-$5,000 for a faster Zodiac inflatable craft or a concealed berth in a container vehicle.
Morocco, prodded by the EU, has impounded many of the pateras, but the smugglers have simply switched to even more dangerous craft - little inflatables called zodiacs.
Mercredi, les autorites marocaines ont secouru 99 immigres qui etaient a bord de 12 pateras interceptees dans le Detroit de Gibraltar, ont rapporte, jeudi, des medias espagnols.
We are now seeing widespread interest in the IJTAG standard within our customer base, said Stephen Pateras, product marketing director at Mentor Graphics.
7,708,727 B2; Garry Roland Woltman, Carrie Nicole Pateras, Angela Rae Heck, Karyn Schroeder, Teresa Zander and Marcille Ruman, assignors to Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.
Elly Pateras, winner of this year's Management Executive of the Year.
The continued exponential growth in semiconductor device functionality and performance relies not only on continued transistor scaling as defined by Moore's Law, but also on increased use of a rapidly expanding and functionally diverse set of reusable IP blocks," said Steve Pateras, product marketing director at Mentor Graphics.
Cell-Aware Test is proving its value to companies like Open-Silicon who need to reduce DPM levels said Steve Pateras, product marketing director at Mentor Graphics.