patellofemoral instability

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patellofemoral instability

Laxity and/or tightness of the patellar restraints that results in abnormal tracking of the patella within the femoral trochlea. Patellofemoral instability causes pain during activity and may predispose the patient to recurring patellar subluxation or dislocation and to subsequently present with the clinical signs and symptoms of chondromalacia.


Nonoperative treatment consists of strengthening weak muscles and/or stretching the tight soft tissue that leads to abnormal patellar tracking. Surgical intervention may be required to release overly taut tissue and shave the articular cartilage associated with chondromalacia.

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Patellofemoral instability in athletes: treatment via modified Fulkerson osteotomy and lateral release.
Additionally, if the child displays patellofemoral instability on examination, he or she should wear a patellar sleeve while participating in physical activity to prevent injury (Winell & Burke, 2003).
Also, it has been found that patients with anterior knee pain and patellofemoral instability develop a larger torsional movement in the quadriceps concentric contraction than in the eccentric one [22].
Patellofemoral instability generally is defined as acute or chronic.
Patellofemoral instability is a common cause of knee pain and disability.