patch clamping

patch clamp·ing

a technique used in the study of ion channels in which the movement of ions across a small patch of isolated membrane is measured when the membrane is electrically polarized or hyperpolarized and maintained at that potential.
Synonym(s): patch clamp
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Indeed, FluidFM allowed the isolation of single cells [7], quantification of bacterial adhesion forces [8], force-controlled patch clamping of beating cardiac cells [9], serial weighting of microobjects [10], and single-cell extraction for molecular analyses [11].
Kodandaramaiah, Boyden and Forest set out to automate a 30-year-old technique known as whole-cell patch clamping, which involves bringing a tiny hollow glass pipette in contact with the cell membrane of a neuron, then opening up a small pore in the membrane to record the electrical activity within the cell.
Swedish biotechnology instruments firm Biolin Scientific (STO:BLIN), owned by private equity firm Ratos, said today it would buy Danish automated patch clamping (APC) solutions provider Sophion Bioscience for DKK145m (USD28m/EUR19.4m) and earn-outs of DKK10m.
The total sales price for Sophion Bioscience, which specialises in products and integrated solutions for automated patch clamping in living cells, is DKK155m.
Other chapters address visual physiology, mechanosensation, chemosensory coding, patch clamping, and olfactory and visually guided behavior and conditioning to study learning and memory, social behaviors of aggression and courtship, circadian rhythm, and feeding.
Molecular Devices acquired Cytion SA, which develops systems for analyzing ions through automated patch clamping, for $7.5 million and stock ...
Using patch clamping -- a technique for measuring the flow of charged particles, or ions, in and out of cells -- researchers from Washington University in St.
Neher and Sakmann proved the existence of ion channels in the late 1970s after developing a technique called "patch clamping." This procedure, now widely used in studies of cell communication, allowed them to isolate and study the activity of a single channel.
The recent direct evidence that the internal messenger is cyclic GMP rather than calcium ions comes out of experiments with a powerful, relatively new technique called "patch clamping" (SN: 11/7/81, p.