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, pl.


(pă-tā'jē-ŭm, -ă),
A winglike membrane.
[L. a gold edging on a woman's gown]


(pa-ta'je-um) plural.patagia [L.]
A weblike membrane.
See: pterygium


  1. a membrane of skin stretched on the wing of a bird or bat, or between the fore and hindlimbs of a flying squirrel to form the parachute.
  2. (in some insects) a projection on each side of the prothorax.
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Because of its floppy patagium, a flying squirrel isn't able to run much better on the ground than you can in a sack race.
When a flying squirrel leaps from a tree, it extends its arms and legs outward, stretching the patagium to act like a parachute or glider wing.
I treated a lovebird with a tail base trauma/ dermatitis and an eclectus parrot with pyoderma of the patagium.
Of the 16 birds that had worn a harness, 10 (63%) had superficial soft tissue injury to skin or patagium or more severe injury, such as remodeling of the distal humerus at the harness cord-wing interface, or pathologic fractures.
The width of the cuff selected was estimated to be 40% of the circumference of the distal humerus with the patagium compressed (Fig 1).
A malignant melanoma was reported in the left patagium of a budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus).
Abstract: An adult male prairie falcon (Falco mexicanus) was presented for evaluation and treatment of self-inflicted wounds along the right proximal patagium.