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, pl.


(pă-tā'jē-ŭm, -ă),
A winglike membrane.
[L. a gold edging on a woman's gown]
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(pa-ta'je-um) plural.patagia [L.]
A weblike membrane.
See: pterygium
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  1. a membrane of skin stretched on the wing of a bird or bat, or between the fore and hindlimbs of a flying squirrel to form the parachute.
  2. (in some insects) a projection on each side of the prothorax.
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Severed patagial tendon was identified and sutured with vicryl 3-0 (suturing thread) using interrupted suture pattern.
The severed patagial tendon in present cases were sutured with interrupted sutures as the tendon was slender and flat.
The use of plastic live-stock ear tags as patagial markers on sulphur-crested cockatoos resulted in a 100% resighting rate and 14 705 valid resightings over four years.
There was a high rate of tag retention (95%), as has been observed in previous studies using patagial tags (Wallace et al.
Plastic livestock ear tags appear to be superior to metal patagial tags previously used on Cacatuidae sp.
In conclusion, plastic live-stock ear tags have proven a successful patagial marking method for sulphur-crested cockatoos, with a high tag retention rate, high resighting rate and zero tag-related injuries or mortalities.
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