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, pl.


(pă-tā'jē-ŭm, -ă),
A winglike membrane.
[L. a gold edging on a woman's gown]


(pa-ta'je-um) plural.patagia [L.]
A weblike membrane.
See: pterygium


  1. a membrane of skin stretched on the wing of a bird or bat, or between the fore and hindlimbs of a flying squirrel to form the parachute.
  2. (in some insects) a projection on each side of the prothorax.
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The information obtained included the patagial marker number and symbol, band number, and the day, month, year, and location of the observation.
Attempted photodynamic therapy against patagial squamous cell carcinoma in an African rose-ringed parakeet (Psittacula krameri).
We visited each nest once during the first 2 weeks of August to attach patagial tags (white letters on green Herculite; Houston and Terry 2003, Houston and Bloom 2005).
We marked ravens with federal leg bands, and one or more of the following: colored leg bands, patagial tags, bleached leathers, and radio transmitters.
Abstract: The wings are the most important part of the flight apparatus of a bird and consist of feathers, bones, muscles, nerves, and patagial skin flaps.