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, pl.


(pă-tā'jē-ŭm, -ă),
A winglike membrane.
[L. a gold edging on a woman's gown]


(pa-ta'je-um) plural.patagia [L.]
A weblike membrane.
See: pterygium


  1. a membrane of skin stretched on the wing of a bird or bat, or between the fore and hindlimbs of a flying squirrel to form the parachute.
  2. (in some insects) a projection on each side of the prothorax.
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Patagia marron, con tincion azulada hacia la parte anterior y pleura del torax marron.
Thorax: black; patagia black; tegula black; metapleuron posterior with long hair-like black scales.
Patagia marron con la parte anterior azul metalico.
Torax: Torax, patagias y tegulas anaranjado ferruginoso.