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To treat by pasteurization.


(păs′chə-rīz′, păs′tə-)
tr.v. pasteur·ized, pasteur·izing, pasteur·izes
To subject (a beverage or other food) to pasteurization.

pas′teur·iz′er n.
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Firm Posts Busiest Months Ever, Pasteurizing More than 10 Million Eggs A Month in March and April Alone
to begin "flash" pasteurizing some of its products.
We've been flash pasteurizing juice for more than 40 years.
The SureBeam Corporation (Nasdaq: SURE) -- innovator of the nation's first electronic pasteurization system -- today announced that it is constructing a new SureBeam(R) electronic pasteurizing service center in Chicago, Illinois, having an expected processing capacity in excess of 250 million pounds annually.
Maxwell's PurePulse Technologies subsidiary is developing and commercializing advanced systems for sterilizing and pasteurizing foods, packaging, medical/pharmaceutical products, water and air.
Last Thursday, Honey Hill Farms discovered that a recording device on the pasteurizing unit in its Sacramento plant was not properly working, creating the possibility that the following code dates of soft-serve frozen yogurt may not have been produced to pasteurizing standards.