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To treat by pasteurization.


(păs′chə-rīz′, păs′tə-)
tr.v. pasteur·ized, pasteur·izing, pasteur·izes
To subject (a beverage or other food) to pasteurization.

pas′teur·iz′er n.
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Our batch pasteuriser dates back around 30 years but remains an effective and reliable means of pasteurising a variety of products, including milk.
An integrated skid unit was manufactured in the Sherborne factory, based around a well proven, highly efficient Tetra Plex plate pasteuriser.
This is due to food quality regulations that require several parameters in the pasteuriser plant to be accurately recorded and the paper record/chart stored for several years.
The full scope of The Leckford Processing Dairy's improvement programme included the improved control of storage conditions for raw products, the renovation of milk tanks, upgrading of the cooling system, pasteuriser and chilling control and the supply and installation of a new chilling plant.
The Mixtronic 110 batch pasteuriser and Mantegel 50 batch freezer will be in use on a regular basis for the rest of this academic year.
The SM3000 records the temperature of each pasteuriser once every second.
Armfield supplied a disc bowl centrifuge that separates cream from milk, a laboratory pasteuriser, a butter churn, a rising film evaporator for evaporated milk, a miniature-scale ice-cream maker, a reverse osmosis/ultrafihration unit for seaparating whey and proteins from milk, a homogeniser and a vacuum freeze dryer.
In the preparation of milk used in the production of yoghurt, milk arrives by tanker and is stored in silos that feed into a pasteuriser.
We recommend the use of home pasteurisers to ensure milk is safe.
This prompted pasteurisers to announced they would need to raise wholesale milk prices by nine cents per litre.
The same is true for the very specialised machinery and equipment, such as pasteurisers and homogenisers, used in the dairy itself to produce milk and other dairy products to top industry standards.
February 15 2010 - Irish milk supplies to creameries and pasteurisers fell by more than 3 per cent to 4.