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The segment forming the part for near vision in two-piece bifocal lenses.
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One lost paster, one wrap, and all conservation efforts on the front-end go down the drain in a flash.
Paster, Gail Kern, Katherine Rowe and Mary-Floyd Wilson 4, 17-18, 25, 26, 111-12, 133, 163, 221-2 (Meek and Sullivan, 275)
Kandra Dalabehera also known as Paster was apprehended from Ganjam district.
As you look at the changing two halves, bear in mind that all letters are entries in dictionaries and hence qualify as words, that ERN is a variant spelling for a long-winged species of sea eagle, that a PASTER is someone who pastes, and that an RN is a registered nurse:
She came to my house, she's so sweet," Paster said.
Notable attendees of the event included 2011 world champions Australian Andy Yates, Dutch Youri Zoon and Spaniard Alex Paster in addition to accomplished female kiteboarders Spanish Pilido Gisela, five-time world champion, the Polish Grwelinska Ania, 2008 world champion and the Italian Volpe Erik, triple world junior champion.
Dan Paster, former member of ICON'S shoring division is now the lead sales representative for ITS.
The PCR thermal profiles were carried out using the method described by Paster et al.
According to the regional head of Civil Protection in Varna, Vladimir Ivanov, the quake has caused the fall of several chimneys and cracks in the paster of walls.
Khateeb of Badshahi Mosque Maulana Kabeer Azad, Paster David, Sheikh Mansoor, Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, Maulana Muhammad Khan, Sardar Churan Singh Sick, Paster Anwar Fazal, Maulana Anwarul Haq Haqqani and Ruhullah Madani also spoke on the occasion.
David Paster has been appointed as a director in the Foreign Exchange Debt Capital Markets group in New York, and will cover large-cap US corporations.
Senior paster at Choong Hyun Mission Church in Los Angeles, Min is also an active scholar of Christian ethics and systematic theology.