passive-aggressive behavior

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pas·sive-ag·gres·sive be·hav·ior

apparently compliant behavior, with intrinsic obstructive or stubborn qualities, to cover deeply felt aggressive feelings that cannot be more directly expressed.
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pas·sive-ag·gres·sive be·ha·vi·or

(pasiv-ă-gresiv bĕ-hāvyŏr)
Apparently compliant behavior, with intrinsic obstructive or stubborn qualities, to cover deeply held aggressive feelings that cannot be more directly expressed.
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No going around and gossiping and engaging in passive-aggressive behavior" to derail decision-making or the execution of strategies.
Passive-Aggressive behavior can range from always being late to meetings, making and then breaking promises, saying, "I was just joking," after sending out a barbed missile-like message intended to stop others dead in their tracks.
Students might not engage academically and instead treat the course as "a waste of time." Differing attitudes fill the classroom and might cause interruptions, passive-aggressive behavior, or absenteeism.
The angry smile; the psychology of passive-aggressive behavior in families, schools, and workplaces, 2d ed.
Successful leaders know that conflict is the most efficient way for a group to come to a decision and that it helps to avoid passive-aggressive behavior on the part of those who "lost."
The symptoms are the same across the board: acute passive-aggressive behavior (especially when alcohol's involved), fantasies without execution and isolated call dodging.
* Others: Those that fall into passive-aggressive behavior tend to take negative jabs in their speech and then follow it up with comments like: "Gosh, I was just joking," or, "Lighten up!" and "Can't you take a joke?" remarks.
Managing passive-aggressive behavior of children and youth at school and home: The angry smile is a book dedicated to educating parents and teachers about passive-aggressive behaviors in children and youth.
Mature coping styles--replacing fantasy and passive-aggressive behavior, for example, with humor and altruism--also lead to longevity.
Lack of support also may be evident in the employee's passive-aggressive behavior. Passive-aggressive behavior is an indication of feelings of powerlessness.
Her passive-aggressive behavior, obsession with money, power, chaos--or even an ex-flame--turns her from a great catch to one you'd just as soon throw back.

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