passive surveillance

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passive surveillance

The monitoring of the health of a community by studying unsolicited reports brought to the attention of public health officials.
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keeping a watch over.

active surveillance
sampling, including necropsy examination, of clinically normal samples of the population; important in the surveillance of diseases in which subclinical cases and carriers predominate.
epidemiological surveillance
watching over a population and recording data likely to have epidemiological significance, usually with the aim of early detection of disease. Essentially an interventionist exercise compared with monitoring, which is passive.
passive surveillance
examination of only clinically affected cases of specified diseases in the population.
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At present, different procedures exist for detecting and assessing adverse reactions to vaccines, ranging from passive surveillance systems to epidemiological case-control or cohort studies.
Many recent passive surveillance studies have used multiple types of records to identify as many cases of alcohol-related anomalies as possible, since a case of FAS is frequently documented in more than one place (e.
the new proposal intends to reduce the height of the boundary wall around the green space of the site which will allow for passive surveillance on the lane.
Surveillance estimates from the 22-provider system (red) are compared with raw data from the complete passive surveillance system of 105 providers (black).
Demographic, clinical, and epidemiologic data from varicella cases reported through passive surveillance from state and local health departments are electronically transmitted to CDC via NNDSS.
In September 2009, the CDC and various organizations in the affected states began passive surveillance for human and veterinary cases in the Pacific Northwest to understand the extent of the pathogen's spread and its epidemiology.
burgdorferi infection based on passive surveillance (that is, ticks collected voluntarily by medical and veterinary clinics in Quebec were submitted to the provincial public health laboratory) and active surveillance (the research team's own field analysis of 71 woodland sites in three regions of southern Quebec) to identify areas where Lyme disease is emerging.
But it is fundamentally flawed in continuing to tolerate the inadequacies of a passive surveillance system when the requisites exist for realizing active surveillance under independent safety authority.
However, much of the data are based on passive surveillance, which can overestimate prevalence, because women with acute, uncomplicated UTIs often do not have cultures performed, so these cases are not reported, said Dr.
Recently unveiled to acclaim in Atlanta, the Epi-Ready Workshop teaches passive surveillance, outbreak determination, environmental assessment, epidemiological investigation, laboratory guidance and concluding actions/report writing.