passive surveillance

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passive surveillance

The monitoring of the health of a community by studying unsolicited reports brought to the attention of public health officials.
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keeping a watch over.

active surveillance
sampling, including necropsy examination, of clinically normal samples of the population; important in the surveillance of diseases in which subclinical cases and carriers predominate.
epidemiological surveillance
watching over a population and recording data likely to have epidemiological significance, usually with the aim of early detection of disease. Essentially an interventionist exercise compared with monitoring, which is passive.
passive surveillance
examination of only clinically affected cases of specified diseases in the population.
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This approach to studying FAS, like the passive surveillance method, focuses on large populations in particular geographical or catchment areas, such as schools, towns, and Indian reservations.
Since 2006, Vietnam has operated a nationwide passive surveillance system for pneumonia in all hospitals (35).
Low infection prevalence in ticks submitted in passive surveillance after 2004--from the tick-positive regions identified in active surveillance--coincided with an exponential increase in tick submissions during this time.
CLEAR CAS combines active and passive surveillance data, including 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B data (ADS-B Out required).
Contract award: open procedure for the award of service of three years of active and passive surveillance of the principals pertaining to the hospital.
For the current study period of 1993-2006, <20% of cases with a specific ICD-9-CM diagnosis of TSS (presumed staphylococcal) were reported to the state's passive surveillance system.
Monica's AN24(TM) wireless fetal-maternal monitoring solution opens up a whole new world of passive surveillance, flexible management, and patient comfort during pregnancy.
That figure compares favorably with the FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System, a passive surveillance system.
For example, Enrique Paz, a physician and environmental health advisor with PAHO's El Paso field office, says that the United States does more active surveillance, meaning that field workers go to the regions and obtain information from sample populations directly, while Mexican investigators do more passive surveillance, meaning that data are processed and sent back to state and federal agencies in Mexico City.
These systems combine active and passive surveillance data to pinpoint specific traffic threats.
Contract notice: Serve three years of active and passive surveillance of the principals pertaining to the hospital of alexandria.
Passive surveillance systems are typically insensitive, and barriers to treatment seeking by residents (distance to health care facility, financial costs, and encouragement from health authorities to stay at home unless symptoms are severe) further reduces their efficiency (6).