passive medium

pas·sive me·di·um

a medium that produces no change in the specimens placed in it.
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To send her back to a passive medium, the website, is just plain dumb.SELLING POINTbrLet's move on to example two.
Traditionally, videos have been a passive medium, but 360-degree videos offer brands the platform to engage with their consumers.
"The optical fibre is usually a passive medium that simply transports light, while the chip is the piece that performs the electrical part of the equation," Badding said.
As easy as it is to admire Winfrey's decision to rise above the daytime muck, there's been something snake-oil-like about her "Live your best life" mantra, blunted only marginally by the host's near-messianic fervor about using a normally passive medium like TV to make a positive difference in viewers' lives.
"While we have published a website for many years, it has been mostly a passive medium; our new Facebook page, Twitter account, and skin care blog not only provide frequent updates and helpful skin care information, but also allow a far greater level of interactivity among our customers," she added.
Language is thus elevated from being a passive medium of communication to an active medium of the exercise of power, the accumulation of wealth, and socio cultural aggrandizement.
"That format might work well in a passive medium," he said.
After all, the most exciting aspect of the internet is that it is not, like photography, cinema or (pre-digital) television, a passive medium.
Direct mail is an essentially passive medium. The fund-raisers broadcast their message; the recipients either ignore it or send some money.
It operates at 15 kHz (passive medium frequency only) for long-range acquisition and 30 kHz (active and passive high frequency) for high resolution at short range, although it can use both frequencies simultaneously in passive mode to discriminate between signals from a real target and those from a decoy.
The web, as far as advertising goes, is a passive medium. Consumers use the web after they have already decided to buy something.