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Active and passive immunization against bivalent flagellin (a, b), flagellin a (c, d), and flagellin b (e, f).
Passive immunization: Passive immunization is short lived because host does not respond to immunization and protection lasts only as long as injected antibody persists.
We also optimized the effective time period for passive immunization against HS.
(6), passive immunization with immunoglobulin (monthly for four doses) was given at the time of aggressive chemotherapy, and subsequently these patients were actively immunized with vaccine (40 mcg, 1-2-12 months) from the third month of maintenance therapy.
* It can create "passive immunization" in areas of poor sanitation and hygiene when others come in contact with the feces of recently immunized children.
3:45pm-4:30pm Active and Passive Immunization Strategies:
Medical treatment for children with HIV must focus on antiretroviral therapy against bacterial infections, and active and passive immunization against viral infections.
This is known as passive immunization. In active immunization, people are given killed or deactivated microbes, which then stimulate the person's own immune system to produce protective antibodies.
Immunoprecipitation and virus neutralization assays demonstrate qualitative differences in the protective antibody responses to an inactivated hepatitis A vaccine and passive immunization with immune globulin.
This strategy -- known as passive immunization -- has been used successfully in reducing perinatal transmission of hepatitis B virus.
Passive immunization involves giving a vaccine that contains antibodies to the disease causing virus or bacteria.
Passive immunization does have its disadvantages, Santosham says.

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