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To render less activated, so as to diminish the activation of cells or cell surfaces.
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Therefore, in the production line, metal ions such as zinc and iron are increasing in the passivation solution by dissolving from the parts' surface.
To combat this, we strove to develop a trivalent chromium passivation with a higher corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures.
We investigate the reason for the corrosion resistance reduction after heating before developing new passivation.
The trivalent chromium passivation is generated by deposit of the metal ions in the solution with elevated pH.
The passivation layer has peeled off in some areas - it is easy to imagine these samples will have lower corrosion resistance.
The option we selected was adding a chelating agent into the passivation solution to stabilize the dissolved ions in the solution.
Finally, it can be seen that the passivation layer's construction is almost same as the new solution's passivation.