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(păs″ĭ-vā′shĭn) [″]
The stabilization and protection of a surface from outside influences, e.g., the treatment of an atherosclerotic plaque to keep it from rupturing or of a metal to keep it from corroding.
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Q. what is a passive smoking? and is it dangerous as an active?

A. Passive smoking is the exposure to cigarettes smoke emitted from cigarettes smoke by other person. It's dangerous and may increase the risk to several diseases similar to active smoking (one's exposure to smoke emitted from the cigarettes he or she is smoking) although the risk is of lower magnitude. Example for passive smoking is children of smokers etc.

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Q. what is it a passive smoking? and is it bad as as the active smoking? can i get cancer from it?

A. Passive smoking is the involuntary exposure of nonsmokers to tobacco smoke from the smoking of others. It is considered dangerous, and cause increased risk of cancer, although to a lesser degree than active smoking.

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Q. Can I get lung cancer from passive smoking? All my friends smoke, can I get cancer by hanging out with them?

A. Yes, you can develop cancer by passive smoking. From what I've heard, non-smokers exposed to second-hand smoke at home or work, increase their risk of developing lung cancer by 20 percent to 30 percent.

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(3) To investigate the effect of the deformation structure and the annealing temperature on the stability of the passivation layer.
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Rinsing, passivation and drying cycles are also part of the cleaning process.
West Chester, PA, April 21, 2016 --( Sklar Instruments announced today that Sklar is now an approved supplier of Censis Technologies' CensiMark, the industry's only proprietary mark that does not disturb the passivation layer of standard or specialty instruments.
For improvement of corrosion resistance properties, the vast majority of industries around the world continue to use the most widely known method of passivation treatment with chemicals containing hexavalent chrome.
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Until recently, passivation of stainless steel medical devices has been accomplished either chemically or electrochemically.