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To render less activated, so as to diminish the activation of cells or cell surfaces.
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In September 2010, Natcore scientists announced their success in passivating standard commercial silicon solar cells on which a silica film had been grown using Natcore's liquid phase deposition (LPD) process.
Morris Cohen's views about passivating films have stood the test of time, and his contribution by the mid-sixties to the understanding of passivity established him as a leader of international stature in this field.
Look out also for: atmosphere purifying paint, which claims to absorb pollutants in the home from household products and furnishings; MDF passivating primer which they say absorbs and neutralises formaldehyde emitted by MDF and plywood; and ELF radiation shielding wallpaint which is said to protect against radiations from electricals, pylons and masts.
OTC BB: HERC) (BSE: HER) Tuesday announced a new United States patent for a Method of Cleaning and Passivating a Fire Protection System (see U.
The patented process removes corrosion and scale build-up in fire sprinkler systems while passivating the system to prevent further corrosion and scale build-up.
The objective of the proposed study is to evaluate the suitability of the environmental friendly citric acid process for replacing the health hazardous nitric acid in passivating stainless steels used for manufacturing spacecraft and ground support structures on applications requiring corrosion resistance.
Products to chemically clean the tuberculated water pipes utilizing the Company's Mobile Recirculation Unit and patented Pipe-Klean technology, followed by the introduction of Calgon Corporation's passivating chemistry to prevent corrosion.
Ii It Should Be Alkaline Nature And Also Contains Passivating Agent.
Now, Columbia Chemical s exclusive black all trivalent passivating conversion coating for electroplated zinc nickel alloy is part of GM s limited record of approved finishers for zinc nickel.