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To render less activated, so as to diminish the activation of cells or cell surfaces.
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The aim is to use the hydrogenation technology to both passivate the damage caused by the contamination and to stabilise these cells to eliminate their LID.
Titanium Electropolishing and Color Anodizing: Deburr, passivate, and improve surface finish on your parts while providing easy identification.
Originally developed with a hexavalent passivate film, in a joint development project with Sun Hydraulics, the range has now been further enhanced with the introduction of TriCem 3850--the trivalent equivalent.
Schloetter have demonstrated the continual improvement & development of their complete range of Zinc, Zinc Alloy and passivation processes with a new Slotopas trivalent passivate specifically designed for Zinc-Nickel coatings--Slotopas 100.
Eddie has, in the last 3 months been focusing on Schloetter's OEM relationships and their trivalent chrome passivate programme.
The unit is available with a choice of finishes: electropolish for Class 1 compatibility or clear passivate for Class 10.
The Permapass 7012 Black trivalent passivate and Enseal C22 combination has been independently tested and qualified on fasteners.
In addition to standard zinc passivate, the fixings, bearing and corner joints are also available in stainless steel.
Electropolishing System allows manufacturers of high-value metallic parts to sharpen, deburr, passivate, and electropolish them in-house.