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Women of color were frequent targets of sexualized violence in a culture that viewed them not as passionless but as hypersexual.
Once again the impetus and the driving force in man''s endeavours to fulfil his maker''s wishes has been wrestled from the Coal Face to the sterile and passionless eau-de-nil painted corridors inhabited by the intolerant discussing the intolerable.
Having already won Group F, the Blues were lethargic and passionless despite Ancelotti's call for a return to the free-flowing football they produced at the start of the season.
The relationship between Thora and Bjorn, the man Thora loves who has been forced into a passionless marriage with Ragna, gives the book dramatic tension and the interplay between these three characters lies at the heart of the novel.
What else can you say after such a couple of passionless performances?
The passionless display was crying out for the energy and commitment the 19-year-old has become renowned for.
However, for some nurses, the stress of daily demands continues to leave them feeling passionless, frustrated, and hopeless.
Decades of American support for tyrants seem to provoke few ripples in Fukuyama's passionless log.
The distinction between continence and temperance is overlooked so that Acrasia, who stands for intemperance (a passionless state of wickedness), is linked with Amavia and Dido as examples of female figures overwhelmed by passion (p.
South America was represented by Buenos Aires-based Union Tanguera, featuring the slick but passionless moves of artistic director Esteban Moreno and Claudia Codega in the premiere Tango Vivo.
Desperate to get away from them more than to wed, she agrees to the passionless proposal of shy bacteriologist Walter (Norton), who has a posting in exotic, faraway Shanghai.