parts of human body

parts of hu·man bod·y

the head, neck, trunk, limbs, and cavities.
Synonym(s): partes corporis humani [TA]
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Our research is focused on the movement analysis of selected parts of human body (lower extremity) as well as the utilization of this knowledge for design of physioterapy robotics device.
Technology and medical science can simulate and imitate many parts of human body but duplicating the human mind is nearly impossible.
Earlier last year, the New York Times carried a series of articles on different parts of human body, but forgot the lungs
Sources said that plant was set up at the cost of Rs 26 millions at HFH to dispose different used material of allied hospital as syringes, injections and the parts of human body.
London, Aug 24 (ANI): In a unique form of art, a radiologist in Hong Kong presents scanned images of various parts of human body as pictures in galleries.