parts of human body

parts of hu·man bod·y

the head, neck, trunk, limbs, and cavities.
Synonym(s): partes corporis humani [TA]
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Cancers of various parts of human body will be discussed during the deliberations of the conference.
He said that pains in different parts of human body and also during delivery cases, anesthesia is essential.
Personnel of Police Provincial Crime Laboratory led by Chief Inspector Bryan Cres Campos conducted crime scene investigation and the parts of human body were then brought to a local funeral parlor in that same city.
Not only representations of history but self-representation and self-reformation are also explored, whether they be conjoined acrylic sheets, layers of linen by Hira Awais, linocut prints by Shehzil Raza or parts of human body juxtaposed with animals by Minahil Ijaz.
The Grand Muftias Office of the Muslim Denomination in Bulgaria opposed the total ban in Pazardzhik, citing lack of explicit definition in the Public Order Regulation which parts of human body should be covered and which not.
[USPRwire, Sun Aug 09 2015] All types of analgesics were popular among Slovak consumers as they were used to suppressing the symptoms of common diseases such as headache, for other pain relief in different parts of human body and easing muscle and joint pain.
Anthropometry is a science of studying the human body size and dimensions, which has purpose of determining the size, weight, and length of different parts of human body, which can be utilized to study growth and development in pediatric-age group, and the ability of learning and developing new abilities.
Technology and medical science can simulate and imitate many parts of human body but duplicating the human mind is nearly impossible.
Earlier last year, the New York Times carried a series of articles on different parts of human body, but forgot the lungs!
The paper deals with influence of electromagnetic field (EMF) from mobile phone by electronic implants used with requirement of substitute non-functional parts of human body.