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n the process of distributing an essential oil among several solvents by using the various soluble properties of the components within the essential oil.
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Petritsky went behind the partition and lay down on his bed.
She then secured the curtain and came down, pushed the chair and table as far as possible from the partition, returned to her easel, and seemed to be arranging it to suit the volume of light she had now thrown upon it.
Amelie had seen the handsome head of the mysterious man, but, fortunately, and unfortunately also, the Imperial eagles and uniform were so placed that she did not see them through the crevice in the partition.
Pickwick, gently, advancing, hat in hand, towards the partition.
Fogg's particularly engaged,' replied the voice; and at the same time the head to which the voice belonged, with a pen behind its ear, looked over the partition, and at Mr.
Pickwick nodded assent, and coughed to attract the attention of the young gentlemen behind the partition, who, having now relaxed their minds by a little conversation among themselves, condescended to take some notice of the stranger.
A sudden scraping of feet, mingled with the sound of suppressed laughter, was heard from behind the partition.
No, but you can take out two or three boards of the partition," answered Blaisois, "and make a hole in the cask with a gimlet.
In fact, Porthos could be heard snoring through the partition.
There was complete silence on the other side of the partition.
All this time he stood on the other side of the partition and prayed.
Instead, her account of the Bengal Partitions is crucial for its dismantling of the normative geographies of Partition historiography and scholarly assumptions about Partition refugees.