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Formed elements, discrete bodies, as contrasted with the surrounding liquid or semiliquid material; for example, granules or mitochondria in cells.


An obsolete, nonspecific term for any organelle, structure or formed element found within the cell.
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The brake dust particulate filter from MANN+HUMMEL with its robust design can be implemented in the existing installation space and can also become a colored styling element.
Concerns about particulates from medical devices used in the vasculature include the risk of downstream emboli.
We know that particulate matter, especially diesel, is something that can create irreversible damage.
One of the key components of a modern diesel system is the diesel particulate filter DPF which can trap more than 97% of the particulates.
Furthermore, particulate pollutants and ozone seem to most readily affect people who already have cardiovascular problems.
The process of phagocytosis allows uncontrolled entry of iron-containing particulates into cells because these particulates have bypassed control by the protein transferrin (Hardy and Aust 1995) and its cognate receptor.
Public awareness of particulates has mainly been in the context of diesel engines.
As small particulates age, however, many collide, forming larger particulates.
The early micro particulate technologies using bentonite and silica led the industry to new and improved levels of drainage, formation, and retention.
I wrote back to describe that of course I meant metal particulate tape, which in fact forms the backbone of their own tape media products, and perhaps they should be aware of that?
The TR/7 Particulate is a development built on the basis of the established Tetra Rex TR7 filling machine which has been in operation for twenty years.

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