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Formed elements, discrete bodies, as contrasted with the surrounding liquid or semiliquid material; for example, granules or mitochondria in cells.


An obsolete, nonspecific term for any organelle, structure or formed element found within the cell.
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Pharmacopeial Convention's chapter 788, "Particulate Matter in Injections," is often referenced and describes methods to count particulates in solution (ref.
This study adds another plank in those theories that it's dangerous to be near particulate matter.
At the time of each exam, the researchers also measured several forms of particulate air pollution and gases at a site near the medical center.
In the present study, we used synthetic 1-[micro]m carbon and carbon/iron particulates, designed to simulate environmental particulates of mass median aerodynamic diameter [less than or equal to] 2.
Coagulated particulates have a large enough cross sectional area to be entrained by air currents.
According to Ron Richmond, marketing group leader for Kemira, mills initially used micro particulate systems in fine paper grades for increased retention and drainage.
Metal particulate (MP) in this case refers to microscopic magnetic particles incorporated in a polymeric binder that form the magnetic layer on a magnetic tape.
Settling Factors in Particulate Matter Emission Estimates - Published emission factors often do not take into account that, depending on the process and the nature of the PM generated, a significant portion of the generated emissions can "fall out" by gravity.
PS pellets including particulates (see Table 1) were regranulated using an extruder after blending of PS pellets [Sumibright E183N; Sumitomo Chemical Co.
Its recovery and detection, along with lubricant ingredients and particulates, can help show condom use and indicate the specific brand.
The fabric filters will provide additional particulate collection on two 575-MWe lignite pulverized-coal-fired boilers.

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