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Formed elements, discrete bodies, as contrasted with the surrounding liquid or semiliquid material; for example, granules or mitochondria in cells.
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An obsolete, nonspecific term for any organelle, structure or formed element found within the cell.
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The study presented here attempts to analyze the impact of supply air flow rates on the entrainment of the surrounding air into the sterile zone and to visualize the resulting flow path of airborne particulates. The main objective of this study is to evaluate the effect of supply airflow rate or air change rate per hour (ACH) on the airflow patterns, temperature distribution, and on the probable flow path of airborne particulates in a typical operating room.
One consequence of this is that several OEMs have decided that it is necessary to equip vehicles with particulate filters-and these are gasoline-powered, not diesel engines.
Finland, Malta, Denmark and Estonia are the EU countries with the lowest estimated concentration of particulates in the air, according to The 2014 version of WHO's Ambient Air Pollution.
Researchers estimated that for every increase of five micrograms per cubic metre in exposure to fine particulate matter - emitted by sources including diesel engines and coal-fired power stations - during pregnancy, the risk of low birthweight at term rose by 18%.
In 2009, LRAPA issued to Seneca an air permit that the federal Environmental Protection Agency lauded as the best-controlled project of its kind in the Pacific Northwest, with particulate emissions less than 40 percent of those at comparable facilities that had recently been given permits.
An AAMI technical information report describes the evaluation of particulates from medical devices, covering particulates from many sources, not just coatings.
However, the administration said nuisance dust is "an imprecise and scientifically-undefined term" that "could be used to roll back existing public health protection limiting pollution from mining operations, industrial activities, and possibly other sources." The SAP also reiterates the administration's position that it does not intend to change the air quality standards for coarse particulate matter.
Active Spectrum was awarded $69,807 to develop a sensor for on-board monitoring of particulate emissions--or soot--in diesel exhaust gases.
To pin down the particulate culprits, the researchers evaluated 43 children who attended school on an island near Incheon City.
Since it takes time for sulfur dioxide to form fine particle pollution in the atmosphere, sulfate-based particulate pollution would in most cases land even further from the plant and might not touch down for hundreds of miles.
Furthermore, particulate pollutants and ozone seem to most readily affect people who already have cardiovascular problems.
Trittin spoke--as he has on many occasions in the past--in support of diesel particulate filter technology: "This is a clear signal to act fast European-wide to resolve the fine particle problem," he said.

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